Dorothy Stout

Dorothy Stout

Feb 9, 2005
Hi I'm Dorothy and have just registered as a new member today.

I've been fascinated with the Titanic ever since I saw 'A Night to Remember' when I was 8. That was 36 years ago so if you want to know how old that makes me you can do the maths.

I have a whole library of books on the subject and for my birthday last year my husband bought me a very large selection of books by survivors as it is their stories that have always interested me the most.

Such is my 'obsession' with the Titanic that my son has joined me in my interest and must surely be the most knowledgable 6 year old in the world when it comes to that great ship!

monica gugliotta-ruggeri

Welcome aboard. Hope you have a wonderful time
Best Regards.

Shelley Anne Payter

Hi Everyone
Dont woz i welcome myself on board I am stunned by what all of you have said in youre introduction

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