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This is a cross-post from the L. Duff-Gordon thread. It may be more appropriate under a thread for Dr. Alice Leader, of which I cannot find a current one.

Thank you Shelley. Mrs. Astor always warms my heart. And, Randy, not only do Mrs. Astor and Mrs. Duff-Gordon charm me, but all those women that
survived, and those who did not, charm me also.

Dr. Alice Leader is another. Though not a diva, she had spent six years practicing pediatric or general medicine in Lewiston, Maine, a town gritty even by
today's standards. At the time of the sinking rich and poor alike in Lewiston were worried about their beloved Dr. Leader, who had retired back to New
York just four years earlier after the death of her husband.

"Her circle of friends hereabouts constantly increased, her ability as a physician, her womanly sympathy and her kindness in time of trouble being sincerely
appreciated," the Lewiston Evening Journal of 4/16/12 reported, under the headline of "Former Lewiston Woman Among The Survivors." "She was always
responsive to the needs of the poorer class of people with whom she was thrown in contact, both professionally and other wise, and among these people
in Lewiston she was always much beloved. She is a woman of scholarly attaintment, of broad interests, and of great ability in her profession."

One benefit of researching Titanic has been the glimpse into the 1910 decade and the way of life now so long dead. It probably was not as nice living in
those times as I might imagine, but the women of that time, and the gentleman, and just the era - all charming to me!

Sorry to detract from the subject of this thread, L. Duff-Gordon. I shall cross-post this under Dr. Leader's thread also.

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