Drawings of the Titanic officers

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I did this drawing for a friend. He requested an illustration of Captain Rostron and Molly Brown.

William Murdoch

James Paul Moody

Harold Lowe

All artwork is done by me. Please to do not take or change my artwork in any way without asking me first.
Thank you.
Thanks for the kind words Nikita and George.

>>>Hi Erin nice pictures. can you do jack phillips.<<<

Sure! I'll get started on it tonight.

>>>I also like your drawings, Erin. Have you ever thought about illustrating children's books. Your drawings would work very well in one.<<<

I've considered it off and on. Maybe one day I will. I've considered writing and illustrating my own children's books off and on. You never know.
My guess is they look like that because none of them were smiling when the photograph was taken. I drew them all from actual photographs that are online.
Hello Vickey,
Thank you very much for post and nice words related to Captain Smith.If you wish you can see more pictures of Titanic officers at first row address.
Second address was artwork TV presentation with nice dresses, flowers and music.
On the third address you can read interview I have had for Daily papers so called BLIC dated May 27.
this year.Story about my relative from Titanic.
Thank you again.

Thank you.

I'm getting there slowly with my artwork. At the moment real life has turned everything upside down so I'm working on art when I'm not working. Sooner or later I'll get there though.
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