Dry Dock Technical Drawings for Olympic Class Ships

Tim Gerard

Are there any docking drawings still surviving today for Olympic Class ships? Preferably the Titanic but any class drawing is fine. I deal a lot with ships going in and out of dry dock and part of that includes making sure the blocks the ship sits on are put in the right place and are adjusted to the right height to conform to the exact shape of the underside of the ship, and each ship has its own drawing detailing all of the information we need for this. I'm just wondering if there are any drawings like that still around from Olympic Class ships, I haven't been able to find much of anything searching online on my own. I'm guessing if there's anything, it's of the Olympic since that's the only ship of the 3 sisters that had a full career.
Have you tried the Ulster Transport Museum in Belfast. Next time in Belfast I will visit there. As I see the construction history of the Thompson dry dock was quite some challenge which did not go without problems and delays.
The dock it self is well worth a visit and was most impressed with it, and told the blocks there to day where as used for Olympic class ships to.