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Sep 20, 2000
Markus wrote: "The collison occured at 10.13 NYT. (Boxhall gave the time relation 11.46 TIT = 10.13 NYT)."

Hi, Markus: Can you point me to this reference in Boxhall's testimony? It sounds almost like an erroneous assumption on his part that the ship's clocks had been set back, as planned. But they weren't *due* to be set back yet at 11:46 P.M., as far as I know. So I'm puzzled at how this could be the explanation.

The officially-reported time difference between Titanic time and New York time was, of course, one hour and 50 minutes, according to the British Report's Marconi message table.

Since the 10:13 New York time implies only a difference of 1:33 from ship's time -- a set back of about 17 minutes from the British Report's reckoning -- it fits Lightoller's similar time conversion given at the U.S. Inquiry (for 2:20 a.m. ship's time) during Pitman's testimony.

(I'm just as inclined to accept 1:55 as the likely difference between New York and Titanic's clocks. Viewed from that perspective, Boxhall's assumed set back would be 23 minutes -- spot on for the *expected* reset.)

I'm only guessing on the "Slope-water" -- send me a copy of the graphic, if you have it as a scan -- but it may be referring to the "Laurentian Slope", which refers to the submarine topography at the Gulf of St. Lawrence. So that would be fresh-water outflow from the Saint Lawrence River drainage basin (if I'm right).

The problem with trying to calculate in the effect of the Gulf Stream, in my mind, is that the unusual strength of the Labrador Current at that time may in fact have displaced the Gulf Stream to the south of Titanic's wreck locale, with the result that it may have had no impact whatsoever that far north.

Nov 5, 2000
Hello John, Maureen, David, all,

that ship's clock problem occupied me a full year, and at the end I found that the US version, 1 h 33 min is indeed correct, and the British version, 1 h 50 minutes is just an assumption, which has not yet been approved by testimonies.

But, as this is a different subject, I propose that we move to the appropriate thread.

Therefore I want to post the full answer to your question in the thread
Collision / Sinking Theories - New York Time of Collision

See You there.
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