Duff gordon family tree


Grant Woollacott

dose anyone know how sir andrew duff gordon relates to sir cosmo and lucile? i haven't been able to find a connection.

Andrew is Cosmo and Lucy Duff Gordon’s great nephew. But as I told you privately, after you emailed me several times asking for Duff Gordon family addresses and other contact info, it is wrong to intrude on these people’s privacy. I’m not convinced you are working on any legitimate project that would warrant your contacting them, so I’m now publicly asking you to leave them in peace.

With all the info that is on this site about the Duff Gordons (over 400 posts on more than a dozen threads), there is no reason for you to worry the family with personal questions and requests.

i met the relative of sir duff gordon in belfast and he said to me that he was a baronet,which means that he has had his knighthood passed down this was because one of the duff gordons got the title as a soldier in what i can remember of the converstion was in the crimea way.however this seems to me he told me this probably to distance himself from the duff gordon on the Titanic,and the controversial story of bribery,i found the present duff gordon a nice man,and we had a pleasant conversation,my granfather travelling 3rd class never even got the chance to get in the lifeboat and was last seen holding a child in his arms before the titanic sank,his name was Andrew John Shannon from co cork he was lionel leonard on the titanic having changed his name but is in the dorset paper as shannon,and a victim,i named the shannon ujlster titanic society after him it is the only titanic society named after a victim and has been going for 15 years
The Duff Gordon title went a funny route after Cosmo, as lucy and he had no children together. How old was the current Baronet?

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