The Duff Gordons were travelling under the assumed name of Morgan to avoid publicity and so that they could have some privacy. Lucile was famous and hounded by the press (and loved every minute of it) but Cosmo would have nothing of it. He got to spend very little time with her owing to her busy career and did not want to share her with shipboard nouveau riches or tabloid reporters at dockside.

So she came up with the Morgan pseudonym as a sort of in-joke aimed at THE Mr. Morgan who was supposed to have been en route but decided against it - opting for a little frisky fun with his mistress. Lucile, being a close pal of Morgan's daughter, Anne Morgan, would have been well aware of this gossip.


PS) Its been discussed elsewhere here (though I can't remember the thread) about how she sometimes travelled under various aliases.
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Good stuff, Randy. I knew that the link between the Morgan alias and J P Morgan had been theorised, but wasn't aware that there was anything more substantive to back it up until I read your post. As usual, you deliver the goods!
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Well, I thought I was the one who first figured it out about the J.P. Morgan tie-in but then I read something about it in a book and thought well, I'm not needed afterall! It's much in keeping with Lucy's sense of humor, this habit of aliases and nicknames.

Interesting stuff, Randy. I wasn't even aware of that.

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One little thing. If Lucille was trying to avoid attention, she had a funny way of showing it. Going under the name of a famous person, who would have been sought after doesn't seem to be a good idea to me. If J.P Morgan was expected to travel on the Titanic, press and passengers would have been curious as to the "Morgans" seen on the passenger list.
Morgan is a common enough name though using it was a bit of a teaser. That was part of the joke. Also I don't think the press always had a list showing which cabins people were in, so the Duff Gordons were pretty safe from reporters. Had the ship not sank I don't think there would have been any interest or confusion about the alias.
And since we're on the subject I thought I'd break some exciting news. There were NOT only 12 occupants in embattled Lifeboat 1. There were 15!!!

Here's a picture of the 12 we know about:


And here are the three others who were not included in the original Duff Gordon group shot. I am thrilled to have made this great research find: