DUMB Question Here Ibd like to know how many of you miss the Titanic

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From your earlier posting you seemed worried about sending me horrific photographs so I wanted to convey to you that I have seen the worst of photos, (as far as I know) the one being the mom with the frozen child in Cameron's movie. So then since I have seen the worst of photos, any additional photos could not be as horrible, at least in my own opinion insofar. That's all I was inferring to in my earlier posting of Friday May 11 and nothing more.

Emily - There has to be another way of teaching man not to practice overconfidence than sinking a ship and creating a catastrophe.


Jared Berger

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The scenes in Cameron's Titanic with the Grand Staircase flooding and the people getting sucked into windows, and the first class corridor with water blasting down the halls and through doors made me think a lot about the real thing, the people who were affected, and the pain and suffering.
The Titanic just fills me with sadness and fascination!!!

Fascinated by the absolute beauty and grandeur of the ship, the class structure, the crew and passengers life stories,how the Titanic sinking impacted on the lives of people in 1912 and of the people today in 2003

No other ship sinking seems to have had such an impact on people
Impact is an interesting word choice, as I have been pondering what to name my new non-profit org dedicated to teaching about Titanic in the schools, libraries, etc. I was just asking someone the other day what he thought of the name "Titanic Impact?" What do the rest of you think? Too tacky, or just right? (Bearing in mind that I do want to impact people with not only a love of history, but an inspiration that they can overcome and survive personal tragedy.)


Magnus Karlsson

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Hi Kyrila,
My opinion is that's a very fitting expression, because
I can't think of any single historical event, that rose such
interest - even almost a century after the fatal accident.
It also, in a way, includes the many various aspects.
Go for it, Kyrila!
i have several comments on the titanic and this website as for the titanic sinking i feel sad for those who died that night i feel happiness knowing that there were survivors who lived and sadly today there are only three survivors alive i feel anger because if there had been more life boats more people could have been saved i feel that mr isamy is the one to blame for the great lost of life as for this website i feel educated about the titanic i feel good knowing that there are so many other people who care about the titanic i feel good knowing that long after the ship and the survivors are all gone that people will remember the titanic for years to come jennifer mueller

Susan Leighton

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"Titanic Impact" is good. Sounds like you are getting closer to defining your project. I have been thinking about your inquiry for several days. I'll keep you posted if anything truly inspires me. Good luck as always. I thought I read that you were out on a few excursions these last few days. Are you back home now? I am.

Susan Y. Leighton
Hello, Jennifer,

I read your post that after two years of being a board member on ET, you still think more passengers would have been saved if more lifeboats had been available. Here are the facts:
1) More passengers COULD have been saved if they believed the ship was actually sinking. The fact was they DIDN'T believe the ship was sinking and WOULDN'T get in the boats until the ship really started listing, so the first boats were lowered half full.
2) The crew had only enough time to lower 18 out of 20 boats. The last two boats washed off the ship. If they HAD additional boats, they would NOT have had time to cut them loose and would have sunk with the ship. (They barely had time to cut loose the remaining two boats.)
3) The Lusitania had MORE lifeboats than Titanic, but only six were able to get away, and there was still great loss of life in spite of the number of boats.
4) In the end, it was bad choices and lack of time that led to more people not being saved, than the number of boats.
Sorry for the caps, but I don't know how to do italics and bold in the posts.

Susan and Magnus,
Thanks for your supportive comments. I wasn't sure if the name would be too tacky as Titanic impacted an iceberg. I would like to use impact for good and not evil.

Adding to Kyrila's comments, I think on close examination, making Ismay the scapegoat for the high loss of life is a rather overly-simplistic view of the thing. Granted, he didn't think that additional lifeboats were needed, (Which is a good part of where the blame Mr. Ismay thing comes from.) but there was nothing in his attitude that was any different from that of most any other shipping line of the period.

If anyone gets the White Star Journal from the Irish Titanic Historical Society, check out the back cover of the very latest issue to come out. You'll find there a period illustration showing which shipping lines had adaquate boats...which were damned few...and which didn't...which was almost all of them.

It makes for sobering reading.

There is also the time factor that Kyrila mentioned. In the time they had available, they only managed to lower 18 out of the twenty that they had with the remaining two floating off as the ship plunged. Having 48, or 64 boats...or whatever number one cares to throw about...would have amounted to little more then extra wreckage to be strewn about the North Atlantic.

This is not to say that they couldn't have been a factor in saving more lives, but far more likely, only in that adaquate boats would have encouraged the officers to fill them to capacity. The sad reality is that when you have a shipping casualty of any kind, people are going to die no matter what. There are few exceptions to that reality.

What Titanic needed above all to make the real difference was the one thing they didn't have: Time.

Susan Leighton

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Excellent retort to Jennifer's post.
Also...I have just learned how to do the italics and clipart, myself. What you have to do is as follows:
1.press the \ key
2. then press the i key (for italics)the u key (for underline)
3.press the { key
4.type what you want in italics--such as Titanic

5.press the } key

Simple huh????

I had a hard time getting it at first, so I just practiced it a few times and realized it worked. I am obviously no expert, but, feel free to e-mail me privately if you don't understand my confusing directions. Just trying to help in my own feeble way.
Susan Y. Leighton

Susan Leighton

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As Kyrila mentioned, you have been a member of this board for two years, and one would hope that you have gained some understanding and insight regarding the events surrounding the sinking of Titanic. Especially in light of the fact that you have 77 posts to your name.

Additionally, It is very difficult (and often offensive) to read your posts, since they are void of any punctuation at all. You would increase your credibility and you might even learn something if you would show respect to other board members by at least adding a few punctuation marks like periods. commas, and CAPITAL letters.
Susan Y. Leighton

Tom Pappas

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Hi, Jennifer -

I think your unpunctuated, all lower-case, stream-of-consciousness musings are just fine the way they are. As the poet e e cummings put it:

we're anything brighter than even the sun
(we're everything greater
than books
might mean)
we're everyanything more than believe
(with a spin
alive we're alive)
we're wonderful one times one

You will find that no matter what you do, somebody will be offended by it, so just be true to yourself and let them spout.

Thomas Pappas, Esq.
BA cum laude English Language and Literature

Timothy Brandsoy

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I like 'Titanic Impact' or maybe TITANIC:Impact (just a thought) turn it around IMPACT:Titanic, kind of like MISSION:Impossible.

As for ee cummings he was a poet! He did break up lines to emphasize certain thoughts and ideas. I personally have no problem with jennifers posts. It's better THAN SHOUTING or being too tRiPpY.

As for not enough lifeboats, IF they had more they PROBABLY would have been more forceful in loading them and less afraid of creating a riot. Because they knew they didn't have enough room they possibly were less than candid in their assessment.

(Back to the subjct heading) I don't miss Titanic. How could I, it's all around us. Without the tragic story behind her she wouldn't be but a minor foot note in history.
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