Edith Brown Haisman

Andrew, I remember when Edith died; she was one of the many survivors I had hoped I would meet someday.

In August 1997 I briefly met her daughter, and she accepted some flowers to place at her mother's grave.

Then in November 1997, Edith's name was among the many read during the annual All Souls Mass held at my church (to honor those who died in the previous year). A copy of the church program was forwarded to Edith's daughter, who was quite pleased.
being an older man and considering his so called vanishing from cyber space is it clear if he is even still alive? Do her other children wish to be contacted or would prefer to be left alone?
Hello Grant,
i do not think any of her children wish to be contacted except for David. She had 10 children 5 of whom are still alive. Do you want to contact David? he is a kind person.
I had the pleasure a few years ago of meeting Edith's daughter Joy who lives in Sunnybank, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia and the next suburb to where I live. Recently my 8 year old son told me that one of is after school carer's grandmother was on the titanic. When I next saw her I quizzed her on this and it turns out that she is Edith's grandaughter and Joy's daughter. What a small world. She shared a few stories of her grandmother with me. It was amazing that some Titanic history was at more door step.

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TO David Haisman, Hello I had received the book Ill See You In New York in 2006 my son age 12 had to do a book report of someone famous so he choose your mother. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your mothers story,I enjoyed reading it again myself Thank you Jim