Edith Brown's heritage

Holly Peterson

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I was wondering, was Edith Brown South African? I've always heard people say that the only black people on the Titanic were the Laroches, but the ET bio's say that Edith and her parents were all born in South Africa... or were they English/Americans who just happened to live in South Africa? Same thing with the Beckers - they were Americans, right?
Edith's father was an Englishman who became a successful businessman in South Africa. Her mother had an Afrikaans background. Both were white.

You can read all about Edith and her life in I'll See You in New York by David Haisman. Go to www.titanicanme.co.uk

Holly Peterson

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Thanks, Dave. I was working on a list of the heritages of young survivors (i.e. their ancestral roots, not birthplace) and was a bit confused over Edith Brown, the Beckers, and Alden Caldwell (the latter two I have found out were of American descent.)

I liked the little pictures of Edith on the website.

Mark Baber

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Anthony, please note that David Haisman's message is nearly eight years old and he's no longer a MB member, so he may well not see your message to him.