Edith Evans

Do pictures of Edith exist? Since she was from a socially prominent family, perhaps her picture was in the newspaper. Or perhaps her sister Lena married and a descendant who has one.
Perhaps this a mission for our man Phil!

Phil would of course be my bet to turn up a photo if one exists but I believe this avenue must have been tried before. It has also always bugged me that no picture of Evans has surfaced. As you know in Geller's book she states none are known to exist. But like you I believe a little sleuthing is in order on this one. Maybe someday...

Hi Randy:
Judging by the prominence of her family, I do wonder if one of the New York papers had a picture of her. As many of those young ladies had debutante parties and attended social events their picture appeared in the newspaper. Weren't they part of the group Daughters of the American Revolution or some such thing? Groups like that are famous for archives filled with old notes from meetings, pictures, etc
Hi Mike,

We have a picture of Edith's sister Lena (in later years) but have been unsuccessful in tracking one down of dear Edith herself. I have exhausted all resources here in New York so I don't know where to turn next. My fellow researchers have turned up with the same thing - plenty of information - but no picture.

Keep the faith. I'm sure she'll allow us the opportunity to finally see her one day! She is one of my favorite Titanic passengers - all the more fascinating because she continues to remain visually elusive.

Hope to get together for a chat soon!


Hi Mike:
I was hoping you'd see this message. Hmmmm....
So I take it Lena didn't leave any close relatives behind. It does amaze me that someone who was fairly well off didn't get her picture in the paper. Especially one with such a patriotic family tree.
I think Shell is do back from Merry Old England soon, so hopefully we can forge ahead with our plans.
See you soon,
Michael, I haven't been able to find a real photo of her but that search isn't over. I do have a document in which she describes herself as follows and I guess that is the next best thing until something more substantial turns up.:

At age 33

5 feet, 5 1/2 inches tall
Blue Eyes
Medium mouth
round chin
Dark blond hair
fair complexion
oval face.

That's the best I can do for now.

Excellent Phillip!
She sounds like quite a looker. Must have had a few shipboard swains. Anyhow, it does make me wonder about Seamna Lucas calling up to her about another boat being put down. According to other accounts, she had left the area, before the collapsible hit the water. It must have been some other poor woman.
I knew what he meant about another boat. What I am saying is that if you read some surviving accounts of passengers, Edith had already left the area when D began lowering. SO for Lucas to be speaking to her is somewhat impossible. Like I said, he must have been calling up to some other poor woman.
Let me throw this out to both Dave and Mike....Just curious, if "D" began lowering at sometime before its official launching time of 2:05am and "A" and "B" were still on the deckhouse being freed by various crew members, why couldn't Seaman Lucas be calling up to Miss Evans even if she had left "D" area...couldn't he possibly have been able to see her from below...due to the fact that by that time the ship had become much lower in the water and the distance from top deck to water was not as far. Like I said, I'm just curious. Maureen.
Dear everyone; I don't know if Mrs Brown actually left in boat D...her own story hints at boat 4 rather than D. It was Col Gracie who put her in that boat, so it is perhaps (let me stress that this is my theory)possible that Miss Evans was left behind at boat No 4, not D. Second class passenger Martta Hiltunen was left behind at boat 4, and if the Richards were in it (I don't quite know if they were), then Mrs Chapman was also left behind at No 4, allegedly refusing to leave her husband.


Dear Peter,

I thought Gracie made it clear that he was on the Boat Deck (not A Deck where Boat 4 was loaded from) when he delivered Mrs. Brown & Miss Evans to the lifeboat. I believe he even specified that as they came up to the boat they found a circle had been formed of seaman and male passengers barring any other males from passing. This would certainly go w/ what we know happened at Boat D. I have not heard that Lightoller left any women on A Deck when Boat 4 was lowered. I'm sure if he'd seen any they would have been put in. Boat 4 was not full.

It's very curious, your point of the possibility of Mrs. Brown leaving in 4 rather than D. I defer to more expert minds to unravel this one.

From Archibald Gracie's account "The Truth About the Titanic"

1. Archibald Gracie places a crew member: "Steward: Edward Brown" in the Englehardt Boat A.

2. Gracie was on the side with the odd numbers, so he would not have dealt with Boat "4".

3. Passenger Mrs J. M. Brown was in the Engelhardt Boat D. (This is not "Molly")

4. Passenger Mrs J.J. Brown was in Boat No 6 (with the infamous hichens (aka hitchens)) and no male passengers. This Mrs Brown is the famous "Molly" or Margaret Brown.

Hopefully this was helpful. Maureen.
Boat number 4
Mrs Astor and maid (Miss Bidois), Miss Bowen, Mrs Carter and main (Miss Serepeca, Mrs Clark, Mrs Cummings, Miss Eutis, Mrs Ryerson and children (three, SR, E, and JB) plus a maid (Chandowson), Mts Stephenson, Mrs Thayer and maid, Mrs Widener and maid, plus crew and a stoweaway. {40 people I think)
(This is also per Gracie same source.)