Edith Evans

Typical! One waits for years for a picture of Edith Evans to make it into the public domain - and then two come along at once.

I suppose it is too much to hope that the 1909 photograph will appear online at some not-too-distant point in the future?
Yes Martin, it is amazing that June and Sept have brought out pictures of Edith. I hope THS puts up a copy of their article as well in the near future.


I went to a Titanic Exhibit back in 2006 I think. I believe I got her card. All I know is that my person had the name Edith, she was a first class passenger, she was in an A cabin, and she did not make it. If this is her, I guess I was wrong about the age. I thought she was 38, not 36.


I went to the Titanic Exhibition in City West Dublin on 10/06/10. I got the Boarding Pass of Miss Edith Corse Evans. A Tragic ending for all those people.
Just finished reading New Forensic Discoveries: What Really Sank the Titanic... Thanks for the book Jennifer and Tim. On page 232 it talks about William Lucas saying this, and saying that she survived. I am just slightly confused.... I guess a lot of research goes into these things.....
I am reading Archiebald Gracie's book, 'Titanic' a survivors story. It was noticing Edith Evan's name that brought me to this site as I though it may have been the actress. But I remember that quote, 'you go first, you have children waiting at home' it was made in A Night To Remember, I take it Miss Evans met the same fate as many others that dreadful night. How tragic.Julia Henderson


I attended the Titanic exipition in Pigeon Forge, TN and was priviliged to recieve Edith Evans card. She was 36 at the time of her death and I am now 63. I think those numbers are interesting. I think her selfless act was wonderful. Susan


In Singapore my family and I went to a Titanic museum and at the entrance they  give a card that says the name of a real character and you pretend to be them and one room said the names of the people who died and Miss Edith Corse Evans (my character) was on the list of the dead and no one else in my family died.