Edith Evans

Could this be the same Miss Evans that M. Rheims remembered to E Rosenbaum on the Carpathia as being on his upturned collapsible?
‘There had been a young woman, thought to have been a Miss Evans from Boston, who had given up her place in a lifeboat to a mother and child. She stood upright, as was necessary, as long as she could. Finally she to M. Rheins: “I cannot stand any longer. I just must sit down.” He told her: <more>
<cont> “We have to stand to balance the boat or we will drown.” She stood a little longer, her body bent closer and closer to the water until finally she submerged.’
Went to The titanic exhibit in Waco Texas my boarding pass was Miss Edith Corse Evans. Sad to learn that I died on the titanic voyage. Very interesting to learn why she was on the titanic and that she gave up her seat to a woman with children. Highly recommend the titanic exhibit as it’s always been a fascination of mine