Editor who flayed ismay resigns his seat in parliament

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Sep 1, 1996
Bottomley "Stormy Petrel of English Politics" Quits Because of Business Troubles LONDON May 17Horatio W. Bottomley M. P. financier company promoter magazine publisher and politician resigned yesterday his seat in the House of Commons as an Independent Liberal. His action is the result of a receiving order for which he applied in order to protect his estate. The stormy petrel of English politics and jo... The World Evening Edition (New York) Fri, 17 May 1912


Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Bottomley made modern pollies look honest. He eventually returned to parliament but later had the distinction of being jailed for fraud. Bottomley liked to pose as the guardian of the 'little man'. After WW I he had the care of a fund to assist old soldiers. Bad move, because he raided the fund for himself.

Bottomley comes into the Titanic tale because in 1910 he asked embarrassing questions about lifeboat numbers in the House of Commons. The government responded by setting up a committee, which was still messing about when Titanic sank.

Captain Lord's supporters really love him. He called Lord a 'thousandfold murderer'. Quite a character!

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