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Having recently discovered my great great grandfather, Edward H Wheadon died during the Titanic tragedy, (thankfully after he had bred) my interest has been somewhat stirred up.
If anyone has any further information regarding this second class passenger I would be most interested.
Mr Edward H. Wheadon, 66, a farmer from La Couture, Guernsey, boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger. He held ticket number C.A. 24579, price: £10 10s.

Mr Wheadon, died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.
My father is the youngest grandson of his youngest son George Samuel Wheadon.
Thanks in advance for any help

Craig Stringer

Edward Wheadon had been born at St. Peter Port, Guernsey, on October 11th 1843, and was 68 years old in April 1912. He was the son of Edward, a master mariner, and Elizabeth Wheadon, and brother to George S. and William Henry. Edward married before 1875, Caroline Cohr, and the couple had five children, Edward T, born on April 23rd 1875, George C, born on November 9th 1876, Herbert H, born on February 10th 1878, Annette Le Paige, born on August 23rd 1879, and Carrie, born on February 15th 1881. Sadly the birth of Carrie Wheadon was tainted with tragedy, as Caroline Wheadon died as a result of the birth. The family were by that time living at Granada House, St. Peter Port, where Edward was a farmer.
Edward Wheadon established the agricultural firm of E.H. Wheadon and Sons, of Couture. He was a kind and charitable man, both to his family, his employees, and to the wider community on Guernsey.
In 1912 Edward was journeying to Edgewood, Rhode Island for a visit to his daughter, Mrs Carrie Bourgaize, his other children remaining behind on Guernsey.
Edward was travelling with Henry Michael Mitchell, and the two had originally been booked to sail on the Philadelphia. However, their booking was transferred when the Philadelphia's voyage was cancelled, a result of the coal strike.
Hope this helps
Brian J. Ticehurst

Brian J. Ticehurst

Dear Cos,
Here is a bit more:
(Reprinted from the ''Guernsey Weekly Press'' of Saturday.)
Mr. E. H. Wheadon.
Mr. E. H. Wheadon was in his 67th year. He was the head of the agricultural firm of E. H. Wheadon and Sons, Couture. He was a man of most kindly nature and charitable disposition. Among the members of the family and their very wide circle of friends his loss has come as a tremendous blow, which is also felt in a very real sense by the large staff of workmen and women.
Mr. Wheadon was a member of the Central Douzaine of St. Peter Port and was for many years on the Committee of the R.G.A. and H.S., and the Committee of the Grower's Association. He was also intimately connected with the activities of Ebenezer Wesleyan Chapel, of which he was a Trustee.
Mr. Wheadon had three sons, Messrs. Edward T., George, and Herbert Wheadon, and two daughters. Mrs. J. W. Spiller and Mrs. J. Bourgaize. He was crossing on the Titanic to pay an extended visit to Mr. and Mrs. Bourgaize at their home at Rhode Island., USA., and left the island on Easter Monday for Southampton.


Megan Lim

Edward Wheadon was also my great great grandfather. The reason for his journey was the birth of his first grandchild, my grandmother, Edith Bourgaize Dennis.


Edward Henry Wheadon, St. Peter Port, Guernsey - passenger on the Titanic

Thank you for accepting me on this site. Recently I read the story on here about two men who were passengers on the Titanic that were from St. Peter Port, Guernsey. One of these men was Edward Henry Wheadon, born October 11, 1846. He was on his way to visit his daughter, Carrie Bourgaize in Edgeward, Rhode Island, USA. We have been researching my husband's family for some time now and we can't seem to get back any further than his gg grandfather, Henry Wheadon (also spelled as Whedon on some records). He died in Newfoundland in 1852 at the age of 48 years so he was born abt 1804 but we cannot find any record of his birth or his marriage to Rachel ?. My husband's uncle often told us that his ancestors came from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. I am wondering if "our Henry" may have been a relative of Edward Henry Wheadon. Perhaps somebody can help me here.

Thank you for allowing me to post on your site.

Marilyn & Bob Wheadon, Newfoundland (NL) Canada
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Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Marilyn,

Welcome aboard. Have you tried ancestry.ca?
Tomas Bray-Farebyrn

Tomas Bray-Farebyrn

Edward was my ancestor on my father's side the wheadons are my ancestors going back to the 5th century