Edward James Rogers

Hi to anyone,
I have recently discovered that I have two family ancestors lost on the Titanic. Edward James Rogers and Edward Bagley. I have gleaned quite an amount of information from various sites and have photo's from newspapers and have contaCted Bagley family member who has also provided me with family photo's. Bagley and Rogers were both ships crew members. E.R' body was recovered but E .B was not. I have been looking for the children of these two men. Rogers had 3 sons and Bagley I believe had one. So if anyone out there has any further information or advice then I would be happy to learn. I yesterday went to a talk on the Titanic at an auction house and met up with a lady from Stafford, who's granfather was on the ship and some of his letters are on sale today. It was very moving to hear the stories and see some of the items.

Hello Laura, I have the following which might help a bit - they were remembered together on a gravestone at the church of St. Mary Magdalene -The Parish Church of East Ham London E6.
The Inscription reads:
Also Edward James William
son of the above
aged 38 years
Also Edward Henry Bagley
Nephew of the above
Who Lost Their Lives
in the Titanic Disaster April 15th 1912
Out of the Deep I Call
To Thee O Lord to Thee
Before They Throne of Grace I Fell
Be Merciful To Me

Regards - Brian
Hallo, Laura, and welcome to the forum. Craig Stringer's reference work Titanic People gives names for the children, as follows: Rogers' three sons were Edward James, Arthur Vernon and Norman Robert. Bagley's one son was Edward Henry. However, in the ET biography for Bagley there is mention only of a daughter called Gladys. Craig's account suggests that Bagley's widow Edith and only one child received help from the Titanic Relief Fund. Is that so, Brian? Perhaps a child had died in infancy.
Hello Bob - and Laura
The Relief Fund entries for the pair are:

From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Rogers, Edward James William
Number 569. Rogers, Elizabeth, widow. Children: Edward James; Arthur Vernon; Norman Robert. All class F dependants.

From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Edward Henry Bagley.
Number 324. Bagley, Edith Lily, Widow. Bagley, Edward Henry, child. Both class G dependants.
Thats all - Cheers - Brian
Hi Bob & Brian,
thank you for the update on Edward Bagley and Edward Rogers. Most of the information I already had, but there were a few new bits, to add to the jig saw.

Many Thanks