Edward Martin Baker

I am researching my family tree and remember being told as a child that one of my older uncles (edward (ted) Martin was a baker in the titanic. The day before the launch he was stretchered off with acute appendicitis and therefore never sailed. Is there any way I can conform this story as Teds name hasnt appeared in any crew listing I have seen. It could be that because he didnt sail he wont appear on a crew listing but maybe he is on a payroll listing?
Any help or advice would be very welcome and I thank you in advance.
chris napier
Hallo, Chris. The crews weren't employed by the White Star Line on any permanent basis, but rather were signed on for each individual voyage, generally a few days before the sailing date, then reported for duty at 6am on sailing day. Your uncle's name doesn't appear on the signing-on sheets for the Titanic, or on the list of 'discharged crew' which would include men 'taken off sick'. I should add that there are very many tales of family members who sailed on (or just missed) the Titanic, but most have 'grown in the telling' over the years. Maybe your uncle's experience was actually with another ship.