Edward Parsons

My Grand Father was Edward (Eddie) Parsons who was chief storekeeper In the family's archives there is a letter from The White Star Line to my Grandmother saying that Eddie was last seen on the deck giving biscuits to children and comforting them .He did not survive leaving 5 children the eldest my father ( also Eddie ) aged 13 the youngest Brenda 2 years Margaret Pond


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Margaret welcome to the message board of E.T. -- the Mother/Widow was Clara Parsons?

If you like to contact me privately we could discuss a few other matters relating to this case as Clara's ending was pretty gruesome.

I would be delighted to know more about Clara, over the years there has been odd conversations held between her children when they were alive but the conversations ceased when my generation were around. I believe she died in 1931and taking Lysol was mentioned when it was thought we were out of ear shot The story of the unfortunate death of Eddie on the Titanic has been past down the generations and the effect upon the family has in part coloured our lives .Any information you can pass to us will be gratefully received and added to our family history which am putting together before I depart ( I am now nearly 85) many thanks I am not sure whether my e mail address appears It is [email protected]