Edwardian Age Captured on Film

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Some of this footage will be shown as a BBC2 series of 3 programmes (each one hour), the first to be aired at 9pm on Friday, Jan 14, under the title The Lost World of Mitchell & Kenyon. Apparently the whole collection would amount to 28 hours of viewing time "if translated to DVD or video" - a mouth-watering prospect. But fans of the Gilded Age please note - this is strictly 3rd Class territory!
Jan 6, 2005
Iowa, USA
There is more information on these films at the British Film Institute website, including an image gallery with stills of an unidentified Cunard liner, and some of Blackpool North Pier. To get to the page, go to:


And select the "Image Gallery" link for two pages of stills in thumbnailed form. They're all clickable for larger versions.

The quality of the images is most extraordinary; these frame grabs are from prints struck off preservation negatives done from the 100+ year-old original negatives that were in pristine condition. P.S.- Amazing amount of clothing that Britons wore in June then, eh? Looks like enough to get someone through a hard winter in Juneau, Alaska.
Aug 29, 2000
These are wonderful and how maddening we only see the very tip of the stern of that liner. Maybe Jim K or Mark Baber can identify her. Nothing beats a counter stern-dated 1901 I am wondering who she might be.

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