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I have noticed many Titanic buffs are in love with the Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour time travel love tale "Somewhere in Time. It was set in 1912, i think a few months after Titanic sank. I have been told there are many paralels between the Cameron Titanic film and Somewhere in Time. Is there any truth to this?


Tarn Stephanos
Tarn- there are MANY parallels. This is one of my favorite films-12 years ago I helped to start up an organization called INSITE (International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts) There are now thousands of members and we meet once a year at the Grand Hotel in October- in costume. For a very complete Titanic/SIT comparison by Eileen Maugle, go to -
http://somewhereinti me.pair.com/frames.h tml
to find her article-you will be amazed.
Oh Miss Shelley, I knew we were cut from the same cloth, but this clinches it. What a great website. Thank you for directing me (us) to it.
Its so odd- I keep finding Titanic buffs into Titanic,Somewhere in Time, and the Lizzie Borden Tragedy. (the disgruntled buisness partner did the hacking..Lizzie was pining away eating peaches...)


Yes- I once thought about doing a profile on Titanic -loving types. They are usually musical voracious readers, collectors, antiques fans, artsy, cultured, and incurably Romantic. er..there may be exceptions! By the way Tarn- it was PEARS Miss Lizzie was gnoshing! Mr. Borden is buried right next to his old partner Mr. Almy-with one wife on each side!

Ashley Regan

Thanks Shelley for the link. I love that movie too and didn't put the two together until your thread.

And there is no evidence that the business partner had ANYTHING to do with Andrew & Abby's deaths. There is however much evidence that Lizzie was not where she said she was (in the bar eating pears). No foot prints in the hot dusty barn etc. .
Oh don't get me started on this one. Yup Tarn, I'm a Lizzie-lover too.
Shell, you got me on the above description, except I'm not particularilly Romantic; maybe it's life that's changed me, but I'm a bit jaded when it comes to the "awwwww" factor in things. Otherwise you have me to a T. Books, collecting, antiques, artsy. . . . How many other of our tribe are out there???? Kyrila, I know you're one! Others??
The father did kill her pigeon, so could that have pushed Lizzie to murder? I read one theory that the fathers wounds were all self inflicted- mabey he killed the maid, then himself?

Who knows..


In somewhere in time- where did the watch come from? Since it was given to a young Reeve by an older Seymour, then an older Reeve gave it to a younger Seymour, its seems the watch has always existed,and is in an inesacpible paradox.

Tarn Stephanos
Yes the story goes that Andrew killed her birds. Shelley would know better than I how true that story is. I portrayed her on stage a few years ago and did extensive research, but Shell is closer to the source and would mostlikely know if the bird murders are fact or embellishment.
The maid (Bridget, as all good Irish gals were named. . . see Titanic's passenger list!) was not killed. She, I believe was on the top floor (4th?) in her quarters "resting" due to an upset stomach. (they after all had beef for breakfast and it was a VERY hot day! eeek!) She gave testimony at trial. Lizzie's sister Emma was conveniently out of town, though one theory was that Emma returned, murdered dad & step-mom and sliped out again, never seen or missed. Other theories involve Miss Lizzie doing the murders in the buff and a mysterious stranger. .. . I haven't however heard the self-inflicted wound theory. I'd be interested to know your source on that one. It'd be hard to hack your own face with an axe, especially in that position! Abby's murder was committed first and Andrew's awhile later. The reasons why she was aquitted are pretty interesting.
As far as "why" she did it? Well there were lots of issues. Not the least of which is that Andrew kept his family living far below their financial means. From what I gather Lizzie wasn't too happy about this. And remember she was an uptight, old maid. . . WE old maids are pretty tightly wrapped!!!

Well I could go on about Miss L., but we should get back too our boat. . . it's sinking I hear!
OOOOps I just reread my above message and it sounded as if I was suggesting that Miss Lizzie "did" a mysterious stranger as well as the murders. Major Blushing going on over here!!! (actually I'd be Quartermaster Blushing, not a Major, but you get the idea. . .) In anycase, I MEANT to say that another theory was that a mysterious stranger snuck into the house and did the wacks!
QM Blushing

Tracy Smith

You can add me to the list of those who like Somewhere in Time as well as Titanic.

Not a real Lizzie Borden fan, as I grew up in Swansea Mass., which was six miles from where Borden lived (Fall River, Mass) and my first name is Elizabeth, so I had to endure teasing by being called Lizzie Borden and having to hear that awful rhyme, ad nauseum: "Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her father forty whacks...."
A freind told me a first edition of A Tragedy in Fall River usually fetches around $1500. Is there a definative documentary on Lizzie? I belive I saw one on Discovery in the last couple years.

The fact Lizzie's father was such a curmugeon makes one think Lizzie had issues with him- what are the standing theories as to who the real killer could have been? Could it have been a random burgular, who killed the witnesses?
I still think the angry buiness partner was behind it- mabey he hired someone to do the deed...


Tarn Stephanos
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