Edwina Celia Troutt

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Don Lynch (who knew Edwina and the details of her story better than anyone else) believes that she was in Collapsible D instead of boat #13. Don once told me that he'd like to write a brief essay for my website detailing the evidence pertaining to Edwina's lifeboat, so I'll let the ET board know when (or if) he gets around to writing the article in question.

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I believe that Winnie was in boat 16. Althought I no longer recall her exact wording; I remember Winnie saying to me that the man in charge of her lifeboat was the Master-At-Arms, Mr Bailey.

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Edwina told me about Bailey, too. (When Don and I visited Bailey's daughter in England, she also mentioned that her father was in #16.) I don't know everything that Don knows about Edwina, though, so I'll wait to see what he has to say about the matter.

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I not sure if this goes here but here is my story.
Back in 1977 my older brother & his friend
where liveing in cali.
and they where at the store.
they saw this women with a flat tire.
so they changed it for her and it was Edwina Mckenize she told them she was on the titanic
Yes, Edwina McKenzie's maiden name was Edwina Troutt. I had the pleasure of meeting her and Debbie Reynolds at Knott's Berry Farm and she was quite a character. The photo of the two "unsinkable" women was published in over 200 newspapers. Edwina told me she knew she wasn't going to drown because she was a "Troutt"! I believe she was a British subject and received greetings from both the Queen of England and the President of the United States on her 100th birthday. I believe a part of her 100th birthday celebration was held at the Hollywood Bowl. She reminded me so much of Old Rose in TITANIC, talking about the ship being so new. Robert H. Gibbons.
Hello All:
I apologize for the delay in reading and responding to your 2003 messages regarding Edwina Troutt Mackenzie. I would like to add a few items about her. My parents, Otto and Mary Baumgartner were close friends of Edwina. During the 1950's - 1970's, they lived two blocks apart in Hermosa Beach, California. My father and mother would visit Edwina and take her site seeing. Occasionally, he would make repairs to her home on 6th Street. I was first introduced to her when my parents brought her to our home in Laguna Hills, CA in the late 1970's. I recall Edwina, at my father's request, telling my wife and I the first person account of the sinking, which she reiterated with dramatic elocution...especially when the passengers were being loaded into lifeboats. Winnie had decided not to get into a lifeboat, however she said that a man carrying an infant called out "who will save this child"? On impulse she responded "I will!" According to her recollection, crew members tossed both Winnie and the child to other crew members manning the lifeboat. She cared for the infant until they were rescued by the Carpathia and the child's mother located. Edwina also said that, while the lifeboat was being rowed away from the ship, Mr. Bailey, the crew member in charge of the boat, urged the passengers to sing a well known song, being that the sounds of the people in the water was very unnerving. As she reiterated the story on the lifeboat deck and in the lifeboat, I remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck. I believe that Edwina was 27 at the time and on her way to visit her sister in Massachusetts. It was her second trip to the US. She was from Bath, England.

Edwina was very prominent in the U.S. Titanic Historical Society and she loved to go to elementary schools and talk to the children about the Titanic. She was a very upbeat woman who said that she believed that God had saved her so that she could help others and to also be able to spread the story of the Titanic. For several years, each April 15th, Winnie would be a guest on the Johnny Carson show. She also can be seen attending a Titanic Historical Society function on the original National Geographic tape of the Titanic. In the late 70's, she invited my mother to go with her to Germany as her companion for a TV interview regarding the Titanic. They did not however make the trip.

My parents and I attended Edwina's 100th birthday party held for her by the City of Hermosa Beach at Clark Statium in July 1984. Presentations were made to her by the Mayor of the City of Hermosa Beach and the Mayor of Redondo Beach, as well as the Daughters of the British Empire. She was obviously in failing health at the time but appeared to be able to recognize people.

My father and I also attended Edwina's funeral some five months later in December 1984. It was held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hermosa Beach, where for many years she and my parents were parishioners. If I recall correctly, she is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in the Los Angeles area.

I believe that she was married either three or four times over her long life, being married to each husband until their deaths.

Edwina drove a little red Ford Pinto until she was 96 years of age, when she backed into a wall pulling out of her driveway. Her housekeeper then hid the keys so that she wouldn't injure anyone. That severely curtailed her local travel and charitable activities, however she continued to make various other appearances as her health was still reasonably good.

All in all, I found Edwina to be one of the most interesting and exuberant people that I have ever met.

I want to thank Phil Hind for the many years of creating this, the most authentic and historical web site on the Titanic.

Joe Baumgartner
Mission Viejo, California, USA
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We do appreciate your input, Joseph. Without people like you to help us with our research, these memories would be lost forever. Now they can be shared to all interested in Titanic and her passengers and crew.

I had never heard about her appearances on the Tonight Show before. This is very interesting! I wonder if she appears on any of the videos available for sale?