Edwina Mckenize

Apr 22, 2006
I not sure if this goes here but here is my story.
Back in 1977 my older brother & his friend
where liveing in cali.
and they where at the store.
they saw this women with a flat tire.
so they changed it for her and it was Edwina Mckenize she told them she was on the titanic
Sep 26, 2009
Yes, Edwina McKenzie's maiden name was Edwina Troutt. I had the pleasure of meeting her and Debbie Reynolds at Knott's Berry Farm and she was quite a character. The photo of the two "unsinkable" women was published in over 200 newspapers. Edwina told me she knew she wasn't going to drown because she was a "Troutt"! I believe she was a British subject and received greetings from both the Queen of England and the President of the United States on her 100th birthday. I believe a part of her 100th birthday celebration was held at the Hollywood Bowl. She reminded me so much of Old Rose in TITANIC, talking about the ship being so new. Robert H. Gibbons.

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