Effects found on Hartley

Nov 30, 2000
This is what was found on poor Wallace Hartley when his body was recovered (quoting from the notes made at the time here):

"EFFECTS - Gold fountain pen, "W.H.H.";
diamond solitaire ring; silver cigarette
case; letters; silver match box, marked "W.H.H., from Collingson's staff. Leeds"; telegram to Hotley, Bandmaster "Titanic"; nickel watch; gold chain; gold cigar holder; stud; scissors; 16s; 16 cents; coins."

What became of it all? Anyone know?
I wish I knew what the letters and telegram said. There seems to be a large dearth of personal papers when it comes to brave Mr. Hartley.

Richard K.

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
Sorry I can't help more. Alan Jeffers and Rob Gordon note in their book "Titanic Halifax" that the body of Hartley (#224) was sent via Boston to England for burial. His ET biography goes into even greater detail. Presumably his effects were sent with him.

But you never know. Here's a quote from "Titanic Halifax" regarding Jock Hume (#193):
"We expected this body to be identified as the uniform and effects indicated that it was that of one of the bandsmen," said a July 16, 1912, letter to provincial officials from White Star's office. "The parents of Mr. Hume have asked for the effects, which are of trifling value, and we hope that you may see your way to let us have them, which we will greatly appreciate."​
Alan Jeffers relates in the book of many years later discovering in the basement of the Province House some Titanic artifacts of a very personal nature that presumably belonged to Anders Vilhelm Gustafsson (#98). Later when starting to write "Titanic Halifax" he went back to look at them again and they were gone. Here's some more notes from the book:

"When the morgue was closed (at the Halifax Curling Rink), between $50,000 and $75,000 worth of valuables were taken from the rink to the office of the Provincial Treasurer.....
"The Titanic artifacts I discovered had remained in the dingy basement of Province House for over three-quarters of a century, undisturbed by time. They resurfaced briefly but are now lost again."​

Ben Thomas Sebastian Holme

Hi Mike,

Does this book provide details about all recovered bodies or just a few points of interest about some. It sounds like an interesting read. Would you recommend it?


Hermann Söldner

His father acknowledged receipt of his effects:
-Gold fountain pen "W.H.H."
-Diamond solitaire ring
-Silver cigarette case,
-Silver match box, marked "To W.H.H. from
Collingsons's staff, Leeds,"
-Telegram to Hartley, Bandmaster "Titanic",
-Nickel watch, gold chain,
-Gold cigar holder,
-16s 16d., coins, also 21 cts., 2 Francs, 1/2
-Insignia cut from uniform.
Signed: A. Hartley (father)
John Moore (witness)
Date is not given

Hermann Söldner

Ben Thomas Sebastian Holme

Thanks Mike,

Nice to hear from you. I wonder what happened to the effects belonging to the other unclaimed bodies.
On an entirely different subject, have you visited the San Francisco site (See the post "San Francisco connections"). It elaborates on the Clark story you very kindly related to me last month. It includes a story based on Virginia's account. According to the site, the Clarks were acquaintd with another couple. The lady got into the boat with Mrs. Clark while the man stayed back with Walter. I don't suppose you can suggest an identity for this couple bearing in mind she is a boat #4 occupant?
I'm looking forward to those pics!


Anyway, back to Wallace Hartley!!

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
Thanks for that. I wonder, like Richard, what happened to the letters. Most of the effects that Jeffers talked about must have come from the unidentified bodies.

Yes I've seen the SF site but I'm getting senile and can't find our Clark thread. Also, what pics?

Hermann Söldner


As far as a body was identified and a legal
claimant was found all effects were handed over.
Mackay-Bennett and Minia brought back 263 bags.
26 of them were handed over on April 30th to
the legal claimants (widows etc.) The same date
124 were handed over to White Star Line.
63 were given to the Provinicial Secretary on
May 9th.
Up to January 3rd 1913 still 34 bags were in possession
of the Provincial Secretary. What became of them
is not known.
As far White Star was involved they did the utmost
to find relatives and gave them the effects. White
Star kept recordings about that.


Rolf Vonk

Hi there,

I followed the discussion and I was wondering what happened to the pictures taken from the unidentified bodies. They aren't mentioned in this topic. Can't they be used for a new identification in connection to descriptions of bodies and effects?


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