Eino Viljami Panula

Nov 11, 2005
I am a direct descendent of Eino Viljami Panula. We have always known of the disaster, and a few years ago, my grandma, Magda was asked to supply DNA for help to discover the unknown child's name.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Hilder, since Eino was a 13 month old toddler at the time of his death, unless his was incredibly precocious to the point of making medical history, there is no way he could have fathered any children. Thus, there is no way you could be directly decended from him.
Nov 11, 2005
his mother's sister is my grandma's grandma, and that is the closest descendents there is in the whole world related to Eino, my mum said we are basically directly.

Maritha Boström

Perhaps this has been mentioned in some other thread, but if not: You can only be a descendent to someone who had children. Eino is not your ancestor, nor your great grandfather. He is just related to you.

Had your grandmother's mother, or so, been a daughter of Eino, he would have been your ancestor and thus you would have been his descendent.

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Maritha the genealogy freak as well as Titanic freak
May 1, 2004
Is this right?

Eino's mother and your great-great grandmother were sisters.

So, Eino and your great-grandmother (or great-grandfather) were first cousins.

Eino dies at thirteen months old, so he did not have children. Since children descend from their parents, and the parents from their parents. (they make up the branches on the family tree), Eino did not have any descendants. (No branches come after his name)

Meanwhile, your great-grandparent had a child (your grand-mother) who had a child (your father or mother) who had a child (you)

You and Eino are descended from your great-great-great grandparents and their ancestors (They are the ancestors you and he have in common), but you are not descended from Eino.

My brothers and I are descended from my parents.
My brothers' children are descended from my parents;
but they are not descended from me.

(I think as their aunt, I am their 'co-lateral ancestor', along with my own aunts and uncles; but I've probably got that mixed up. Maybe, from my youngest niece's place on the tree, my parents - as their common grandparents - are the co-lateral ancestors of her and her first cousins. Genealogy confuses me.)

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