Eleanor Cassebeer

Virginia was the only woman I can think of who lived in LA BEFORE her Titanic experience. Thus far, I haven't had any luck finding out if that piece on the Clarks is still available from the Commutator.
She seems like quite a woman. Even though her photo in G of TV didn't reveal a startling beauty, it seems she had an affect on men throughout her life.
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I have a lot of Edith Russell’s accounts but I’m having trouble finding the one mentioning Virginia Clark. Mike or Ben, is this the NY Times 1912 interview? Or is this the later Herald Tribune piece? I haven’t got either one of those at hand; all my CDs are mixed up! But I don’t recall Clark being mentioned by name in either one of those. Hopefully I will find this article soon, as it would be nice to add the Clarks to the long list of names Edith dropped in her stories. She is another one of these highly social survivors who seems to have made the rounds on Titanic and on Carpathia. She knew or at least met everybody it seems!

Oh, I just found it. It’s in the 1964 article she did for Ladies Home Companion! I hadn’t read that one in a while.
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Glad you managed to locate the Russell account mentioning the Clarks. To say that Edith "made the rounds" is an accurate summation from what I've thus far encountered! I learned from the sleuthing efforts of Phil Gowan that Edith was a shipboard acquaintance of Benjamin Foreman - a tidbit which interested me considering how nebulous a character Foreman appeared to have been.

Did I read somewhere that she was also on friendly terms with hop-merchant Herman Klaber?

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Edith appears to have met a good number of “buyers”, Ben, perhaps including Mr. Klaber. She at least mentioned by name Emil Brandeis and the guys from Gimbel Bros. Another interesting tidbit is that she met Mr. Artagaveytia (although she doesn't name him) on the special train before boarding the ship. She also mentioned Philip Mock, “the miniature painter”, who helped her in the lifeboat.
Guys, I have started a new thread to discuss the "Who Knew Who" angle suggested here.
Who was Miss D.D Casseboro?
Only know she was a first class passenger and survived to sinking
But what cabin ocupped she?
If you look at the real lists that go out in images in google podras comprovar that mrs cassebeer does not go out
Joan, which "Real Lists" are you speaking to? It looks to me like you're looking at a lot of the prelimanary stuff that came out, spelling errors, transcription mistakes and all.

The passenger/crew lists that are available here on ET are the ones that were thoroughly researched and corrected. Since there was nobody named "Cassaboro" on the Titanic, this looks a lot like one of those mistakes.
Seeing in google : titanic passengers list and you can comprove Mrs Casseber is not!
Say what?
I think someone is having fun at ET's expense. I'd suggest ignoring these messages.
Ummm...maybe not, Mike. Joan's messages are posted from an IP in Spain, and a few of them look like they're the product of one of the many online translation services, most of which (in my experience) create less-than-fluid translations.