Electric Cables


Zancan Edoardo

Hi, I'm doing a term paper for my exam on the electrical system of the Titanic.
I wanted to ask:

1) Are there some photos or images of the electrical cables? (For example cables in section)

2) What was the name of the manufacturer?

Sorry for my bad english

Bob Godfrey

You have probably already seen this, but in case not the section from the 1911 issue of The Shipbuilder concerning Titanic's electrical system is here: ELECTRICITY

The structure of the main and branch cables is described, though there is no illustration of a cross section. For more detail see Titanic: The Ship Magnificent; Volume 1, which has many more illustrations of the electrical machinery and fittings and details of all types of wiring, but I don't recall any mention of suppliers' names for wires and cables.

Adam Went

There is a bit of info in Tom McCluskie's "Anatomy of the Titanic" regarding the electricity and where and how it ran, etc etc. You should be able to hire out that book from the library. Good luck!