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Jan 15, 2012
Hello All,

This is my first post so I’ll introduce myself as well. I’ve been interested in the tragedy since I first heard about it as a youngster in school. Like most people, I knew very little about the ship. As a youngster, I bought and built at least one Titanic hobby kit. No, I didn’t sink it in the bathtub.

Recently, I became interested in the tragedy again when I bought a few books at the local used bookstore. I didn’t like a couple of them because they were poorly written and seemed to sensationalize more than inform using accurate materials.

For me, that’s all it takes to try and dig into the subject and seek copies of primary source materials and do my own research on the topic. I also picked up a used copy of the dramatic reading of the American hearings which I enjoyed listening to.

I also watched a documentary that I can’t seem to find a copy of, Birth of a Legend [2005] Discovery Channel. I’m sure it’s full of errors, however, I liked the way they were able to use the CGI technology to tell the story of the building of the vessel. I admit it, I liked the eye-candy in it.

I enjoy this website and forum because of the immense amount of detail and people who bring forth primary source materials. I enjoy studying several aspects of the Titanic so, here I am. You won’t find me answering many questions simply because you might be able to fill half a thimble with what I know about it. I’m here to learn more about it.

Now, for my post…I read about the use of an “Electric Cane” by Mrs. J. Stuart White while in a lifeboat.
I recall it was used because the lantern in the boat wasn’t working properly. At-any-rate, I’m a curious person who, having never seen a walking cane with an electric light in it, hopped online to search out this item.

My first stop was Google Patents.. Google where I entered “electric cane”. I found several of them that were patented between 1890-1910. Since the cane wasn’t described in any of my materials, I don’t know which one it is but, since a wealthy woman had it, one can assume it was likely something to match her station in life. Below are a few links, perhaps someone has a photo of this cane and can match it to a patent.

This isn’t probably very interesting to anyone however, it’s another piece of the puzzle and may be of use to another researcher in the years to come. Who knows? Much of the work on this site is far more valuable than we may know. There will be many more movies, documentaries and books and this site is a wealth of data. Anyway, here’s my little contribution.

[Walter Sherman 1899]

[Alfred H. Roovers 1891]

[Walter N. Sherman 1897]

[Stephen D. Smith 1892] Electric Appliance for Canes

This Link offers actual canes for sale including vintage Electrical Canes.

“Signal Cane Early 1900’s”
www antiquecanes.com/item.php?id=2137

“Early 1900’s Flashlight Cane”
www antiquecanes.com/item.php?id=1325

[“Eveready Carved Cane Light with "Fleur-de-lis 1902"]

http://www.flashlightmuseum.com/Eveready-Flashlight-Carved-Cane-Light-with-Fleur-de-lis-Switch-and-E ver-Ready-Striking-2C-1902

Respectfully Submitted,
R. Robert Palmer

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Sep 1, 1996
Lesbian Titanic survivor’s illuminating cane to be auctioned Gay Star News
Ella Holmes White used her walking stick - which had a built-in electric light - to wave down other ships, the night the Titanic went down.

A lesbian passenger on Titanic used her lighted cane to save lives, it's being auctioned off San Diego Gay & Lesbian News
Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet starred in the fictional romance Titanic in 1997, the ship's true stories about her passengers has become a bit ...

Guernsey’s auctions Titanic survivor’s electric cane Chicago Sun-Times
Ella White was in lifeboat 8 when the Titanic sank. She appointed herself signalman, using her cane's the electric light to signal for help. The cane will be ...

How the auction of a Titanic survivor's walking stick prompted a family feud New York Post
A wealthy widow's glow-in-the-dark walking cane that could fetch $500000 when it goes under the hammer later this month is now at the center of a Titanic ...
"two Manhattan brothers — White’s great-grandnephews — informed the auctioneer that the battery-operated cane disappeared from their Upper East Side childhood umbrella stand in the early ‘70s...."

Lifeboat of Titanic Survivors Were Guided by One Woman's 'Flashlight' Cane Live Science
As the sinking Titanic took on freezing water near Newfoundland in 1912, a lifeboat of survivors used the battery-operated light on a woman's cane to illuminate ...

Lesbian Titanic passenger’s light-up walking stick to be auctioned PinkNews
The light-up walking stick used by a lesbian Titanic survivor to signal to other ships and save lives is being auctioned next month.

Titanic survivor's light-up walking stick is up for auction as seller faces ownership legal battle Brinkwire
A Titanic survivor's walking stick, with an electric light she used to signal for help from a lifeboat, is one of thousands of maritime items that will be up for auction ...

Titanic survivor’s light-up walking stick sold at auction 9News
A Titanic survivor's unusual walking stick that helped its original owner find rescuers as the doomed ocean...

Titanic survivor's light-up walking stick sells for $62,500 at auction - far less than expected Daily Mail
Late New York socialite Ella White's light-up cane went for $62500 at Guernsey's auction house. The winning bidder was 'there on behalf of a friend in the UK'.

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