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Electrical system flow chart

Discussion in 'Dynamos Generators & Electrical Systems' started by Zancan Edoardo, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. hello, I drew a flow chart which shows a diagram of the electrical generation plant of the Titanic.

    If anyone thinks is wrong or it could be improved .. I'm here.

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  2. Aither_2017

    Aither_2017 Member

    cool, but can you add a description of where the components are ( like the dynamos ). I think there were two, a main one and a backup one. The main one disabled during the final plunge (when the 7th compartment flooded)
  3. Lars Lunden

    Lars Lunden Member

    There was also the telegraph. I have made a pdf showing the basic principle of the telegraph operated from the panel on the switch gears. As there is no wiring diagram to be found, I've made one after how I understand it described in "The Electrician" 1911.

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