Eliza where the devil is the church


D. M. Pogue

Sorry for the "My Fair Lady" stuff. I am writing a story about the Titanic, and in my upcoming chapter, I am talking about the church, however, I am not exactly sure where it was. If you know, please tell me. I thank-you, and in about a year or two, look for "Back in Time to: Titanic" Thank-you again.

John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
Are you referring to where the ship's services were held? Wouldn't that have been in one of the general rooms, set up for Sunday services? The passengers and crew would have been aware of the locations of services, so know one would have to exclaim "Get me to the Church on time!!".

Sorry, just had to add that famous "showstopper".

John Clifford
Apr 11, 2001
The first class diningroom was the spot I have always associated with that Sunday service. But I wonder if there was a Mass for the steerage in their own public quarters- so many were from Roman Catholic countries. Since it is a real sin to miss Mass without a darn good reason, stands highly likely there must have been one somewhere. We know there were Roman priests aboard and certainly not everybody was Episcopalian along with Col. Gracie! The churchlady is INTRIGUED- what do we know about all this gentle readers?

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