Elizabeth Leather


Oct 18, 2014
Just been watching Antiques Roadshow on BBC 1; a man had a picture of his great aunt, Elizabeth Leather, a female first class steward, one of 21 of 23 that survived. She was in lifeboat 16, she rowed for 2 hours because she wanted to do her bit, and keep warm. He also had a locket that she wore that night it had her initials EML entwined. Also was a 9 carat gold medal with IN MEMORY OF TITANIC on a black background encircling a white star with a pearl in the centre. She died in 1937, he claimed she was 51 (the crew list says 41). The medal was produced by Vaughtons of Birmingham (England). She joined White Star to keep herself on the breakup of her marriage; he said she would not have been able to afford to commission the medal herself because her pay would have been stopped the day of the sinking. He had made enquiries at Vaughtons about who had commissioned the medals but their records had been destroyed before WW2 because of the lack of storage space. The three items were valued at between 4 and 5 thousand pounds. Vaughtons is on Well St. off Smith St.
Mar 15, 2012
Southampton, UK
I know this was some time ago but thank you for posting this. I managed to track down the episode on YouTube. It is series 37 episode 7. I've collated many portraits of the crew over the years but this is the first one of Elizabeth Leather I have seen.