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At night I saw "Titanic" the film of James Cameron and yesterday have a question: When It Brushes Ismay speaks with the Capití n and it suggests to increase to the speed atras to him is one lady taking you; she deberí¬a to be Elizabeth Lines. It was chance that the woman this allí¬ seated in the film or was a play of Cameron?
sorry by my ingles!!!
If you're asking whether or not Elizabeth Lines was portrayed in Cameron's film, you may want to refer to an old thread I started called "The Hidden Faces of 'Titanic.'" It's located in this folder. She was among the historic passengers that we have come to believe were represented by extras in the film, along with Mary Lines.
Atras: across

Deberia: (loosely) should (or must) have been. (can't really be translated in exact words)

alli': There ("over there")

Translated/Clarified Question:

I saw JC's Titanic yesterday and have a question: During the conversation between Ismay and Captain Smith regarding the increase of the ship's speed, there was a woman (in a green dress) sitting across from them, who heard the conversation, named Elizabeth Lines. Was she real or did Cameron make her up?


No, la mujer fue actual. Ella escucho' actualmente la conversacion entre los dos hombres, Ismay y Capitan Smith. Su testimonio confirmo' que existio' una conversacion en realidad y que deseo' Ismay que el barco se acelero' a toda velocidad.

* Translation for our non-Spanish-speaking members:

Elizabeth Lines was real. She actually heard the conversation between Ismay and Captain Smith. Her later testimony confirmed that such a conversation existed and that Ismay wanted the ship's speed increased. ("a toda velocidad" means "to full speed," but it gets the message across)
THANKS Mak and Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Escribo en castellano aprovechando que, evidentemente, usted Mark lo entiende. Antes que nada me disculpo por mi ingles tan basico.
Con exactitud la pregunta era si la señora que aparece atraz de Smith e Ismay en el films de Cameron representa intencionalmente a Elizabeth Lines
Mauro:"I will take advantage of writing in Spanish because evidently Mark understands it. I apologize for any confusion. My basic question was if Ms. Elizabeth Lines was supposed to be represented by that woman in the film."
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Ah, Shane, you speak Spanish, too? Impressive. Or did you use dictionary.com? hehe. Thanks for translating.

Mauro: Me equivoque', lo siento. Si, la senora representa a Elizabeth Lines, aunque ella no aparece en la lista de creditos terminados al fin de la pelicula. Hay muchas personas actuales de la Titanica que se representan sin ser incluido en la lista de actores.

Sigo aprendiendo el espanol. Sea paciente conmigo, por favor. No soy perfecto. Gracias.


My mistake. Sorry. Yes, the woman did represent Elizabeth Lines, although she was not on included in the closing credits of the movie. There are many actual people from the Titanic represented in the movie who are not included in the final credits.
I am fluent in German and speak 'some' Spanish. What I don't know, I fill in with the use of my dictionary.
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Ah, okay. Well, if you ever require a reference to or in Spanish, please feel free to ask any time. I only know a few words and phrases in Germany, along with a few of the rules (such as verbs ending in "-en" refer to plural, for example), but that's it.

I presume you've been to Germany, or did you learn it in school? The best way to learn a language is by interacting with those who speak it fluently.

And, yes, I read it. I'm on the run now, but I'll respond to it as soon as I can.

Take care, Shane.

You'd think that if you were familiar enough with the linguistic rules to know how to read it, you'd easily be able to write it as well. However, as someone who has worked with languages and people of other cultures, I know that that isn't necessarily true. Some people can read if given the chance, but they don't have enough command of the language to be able to write when spurred to. The same thing can work in reverse as well.
Gracias a todos por contestar. Mark no hay problema igualmente tu español es mejor que mi ingles. es verdad hay muchas escenas, fraces o actores que representan sucesos ocurridos en el viaje del Titanic, mi pregunta es ¿por que los actores no asumieron el rol de quienes realmente representan?. Espero sinceseramente que me comprendas lo que te quiero preguntar.
Un garn saludo desde Argentina!!!

Thanks a lot for answering. Mark, there is no problem. Your Spanish is better than my English. It's true there are many scenes, lines, and performers that represent actual events from the real Titanic. My question is: Why don't actors assume the roles of those whom actually existed? I sincerely hope that you understand the question I am asking.


Si, te comprendo. La contestacion es facil: Uno aspecto de valor de la cinemagrafia moderna es la necesidad para producir el efecto dramatico. La libertad artistica permita la creacion de los caracteres ficticios (las personas que no existen) para que utilizar la imaginacion en los escenarios realisticos.

Mauro: Yo contestaba tu pregunta?


Yes, I understand you. The answer is simple: One valued aspecto of modern moviemaking is the need for creating dramatic effect. Artistic liberty permits the creation of fictitious characters so that the imagination can be used in the context of realistic settings.

Mauro: Did I answer your question?
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