Elizabeth Nye

She never mentioned the Mexican that gave way for her rise to the boat giving it the excuse that her husband and son were waiting in New York when it was all a lie when she was a widow and childless. when the Mexican asked him to please her to go to Jalapa, Veracruz. to say what happened to his family wife and 7 children, he asked to go soon and she does not care until 12 years later was when it was agreed and went to see the family of mr. MANUEL URURCHURTU. Hermosillo Sonora, MX. that's the way to thank her with lies about living and to returning the favor by taking 12 years to tell the family. she does not deserve the recognition that give it deveria be for the respectable Mr. MANUEL URURCHURTU. not her. Think about it


I recently visited Titanic The Experience (International Drive USA). On this each person becomes a passanger that was onboard the Titanic its self. I had the privalige of being Mrs. Elizabeth Ramell Nye. I enjoyed this experience, it really hit home about what those poor people when through and how it could have been avoided. I was interested in this woman and wanted to find out more on my return to England. This site enabled me to do just that.


Dear Kelsey: This was my relative on my Grandfathers side, although I never had the privilege of knowing her.  If you still have the "boarding pass" from the exhibit, I would be interested in having it.  I am on facebook...  If not, thanks for sharing your experience. Bev Mizerny


Like Kelsey I had Elizabeth's "boarding pass" on the Titanic Experience which I attended last Thursday (flew home the same day).  I still have the pass here - I used it to look Elizabeth up.  Made the experience much more than just a display.
I have 5 original photographs from Manuel R. Uruchurtu, the unique Mexican onboard Titanic who died that terrible night on the steamship. I have been reading a lot of info about him and about Elizabeth Nye, from England. As many people know, there is a story –not comfirmed- about a “small” event between them just few minutes before the sinking. According to this, Elizabeth (second class passenger) saved her life due to an act of chivalry from Manuel (first class passenger) who got off from lifeboat number 11 to let Elizabeth getting on. The story says Elizabeth begged to be uploaded to the lifeboat because her husband and son were waiting for her in New York. But this plea was false. Manuel was cheated. Elizabeth was a widow and her son had died long ago. I personally believe that if there is no physical evidence of this story then no one can take it for true. In this respect, there is an awkward writer named David Bryceson who wrote the biography of Elizabeth "categorically denying" this story without presenting physical evidence either. Why this writer didn’t find any physical evidence of this fact? Maybe Elizabeth would have sufficient reason to hide this story in his biography. Do not you think so? The story says that Manuel asked Elizabeth to visit his family in Mexico to tell about the tragedy. So she did some years later and that is why this story is known by descendants of Manuel. At least, we should have same credibility or skepticism to both biographies.
Hi Bev, I also did the Titanic Experience last night with my husband. I also researched my passengers name. " Mrs. Edward Ernest Nye ( Elizabeth Ramell) I have that boarding pass if you would like it. I will look for u on Facebook


Hi, it’s really cool to see relatives of Liz Nye. She was also related to me and my grandad is Jack Dalton (in credits), was his great Aunty. All distantly related, by blood or marriage:)