Ellen Mary Mockler

I am a relation of Mary Ellen Mockler through my father Mr. Patrick A Mitchell who passed away recently at the age of 90 His mother was also named Catherine Mitchell and his grandfather was from the town of Caltra in Co. Galway I was aware that she was on lifeboat 16 and that it was half full However I was told that Mary Ellen travelled with her fiance and that he perished The story Dad told me was that he had given her his oil skinned coat to protect her from the cold ?????? I have four children and it is great to pass on this lovely survival story of one of their ancestors Anna Mitchell Kehoe Bennekerry Carlow Ireland

Matt weir

I am also of relation to sister Mary Patricia, grandson of her niece, Margaret Mockler. It's stories like these that make you wish you could meet all of your ancestry, yet, it's not to be. I was fortunate enough to visit Galway co. and see the house they were born, some would call it tiny, and if I know my family I'm sure they'd call it cozy. Niece to sister Mary Patricia, Kathleen Mockler still lives with us in the suburbs of NYC, sweetest lady I've ever known.