Elsie Bowerman Feminist and Barrister


Van L Bowerman

Just researching family history and trying to tie in Miss Elsie Bowerman and her mother Mrs.Edith Chibnall (Bowerman) into my family line. If anyone has any more info on the two would love to hear.

Van L Bowerman
Columbia Mo.

Ron Bowerman

The Elsie Bowerman on life boat #6 and her mother also visited relatives in Quakertown Penn. On their way to Cleveland, Ohio. My grandfather, then 12, talked of the cousin from England that was on the Titanic. His father and mother were visitng his parents in Quakertown. My grandfather said, ' She was out of place on a dairy farm. Her clothes were to nice. She gave use kids candy. She walked about spinning her parasol. She was at times crying.'-

Ron Bowerman
Oct 7, 2005
I am writing the biography of Elsie Bowerman (Lifeboat 6 survivor.) Any little snippets about her welcome. Will add to her biog on ET in due course

Helena Wojtczak
Hastings England
May 12, 2005
A pioneer of "women's lib" on Titanic? Yes indeed. Bowerman was a fascinating figure. I had not known she was so prominent in the suffrage movement. AND one of the first practicing female lawyers in England. I much enjoyed learning about her contributions to women's rights. What a life!

For more on Elsie and her mother's suffrage work, go to Two Notable Women. There are letters and several photos, including one of Elsie in a 1912 march/parade.

The picture of the lady being beaten down by police in the streets during the 1910 Parliament Square riot, in which Elsie's mother herself was injured, is really disturbing.

Andrew Maheux

Dec 4, 2000
Very good website Randy, I agree the picture of the lady on the ground covering her face is very disturbing. If I was there, I would personally punch the men out if I saw them beating on a lady like that.

and to know that 3 women later died from their injuries is rediculous. I thought that back then the women had all the priorities.

Andrew M.

Nadine Bowerman

Elsie Bowerman a remarkable woman maybe shes a relitive of minw i hope so. (my last names Bowerman) and its not a common name any wayz great site i will be back.

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