Email from Jim onboard QE2

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He said he cannot access ET, so he shot out an email to some people. I didn't read whoo all he sent it to, but I'm sure others here got it too.

Good Morning From QM2.
From: Jim Kalafus
Sent:Sat 10/18/08 7:34 AM

Hello, All: My apologies for the group email. Cannot link up to ET, so I am doing my ET posts on my laptop as I would do "live" and will post from home next week. Voyage, so far, has been perfect....and you KNOW how often that happens in my travels.

Kyle Johnstone and I are putting a good public face on ET.

MIke- I saw Ed Lavelle at a distance last night. Thanks for the warning! QM2 is about a hundred yards off the port side, right outside my window, in fact.

Plenty of rolls this time, AND they let us keep the menus. I know about 30 people on board throught ET and other ventures.

Ship bufffs with the misguided hauteur of those who speak fluent Wookiie are about, but not too many of them. Have shot a ton of video.

Kyle, Joh, Beth and I won two of three team trivia matches yesterday. One of which was a mythical "double" which meant that I amassed TWO gift shop coupons rather than one. Ended up with quite a few of the coupons, which will cut souvenir expenses greatly.

Phil- the nitrate films are doing just fine in my cabin.

Lesley- I saved the shower cap for you.

Dad-sorry I missed your call- I presume that it was you who called during the emergency drill when I could not pick up for obvious reasons.

Jason- Kyle has a surprisingly funny "evil" side under the laid back facade. We protected a lady's honor at 3am this morning to comic results....she was being stalked by a "Columbine High" sort of 20-something drunken geek, and kept mouthing "Help" at us. Will tell you the entire story later but, needless to say, it was surreal.

Black and White Ball of Cunard legend? does a singalong on "Great Big Beautiful Doll" strike you? Even in formalwear it was....uhhh....lame. Abba Night in the Yacht CLub, simultaneous to that, was marginally better.

Off to get my head shaved.

Is Jim geting a bit green in the gills?

Rougher Weather
From: Jim Kalafus
Sent:Sun 10/19/08 5:53 AM

Well, today we have hit a patch of rough weather- the first for the crossing. Not seasick rough, but rainy out and just enough movement to make one aware that one is, in fact, on a ship. Our team, named "Burnt Toast," won afternoon trivia again yesterday. One of the questions....made for me....was "Lusitania is the Roman word for....?" Lost an earlier match in which one had to bet all or part of one's score, Jeopardy style, on the final answer. Three teams tied. Including us, with 19 out of 20 correct. Jeopardy question.... "A group of hedgehogs is collectively known as?" All three teams got this wrong. We were not given multiple choice, but I'll give you all that: A) WHo the hell cares?b) An Arrayc) An infestation. The answer is B. I also discovered an previously untapped talent at shuffleboqard. Who knew? Was up til after 4 last night, woke up at 8. And here I sit in the internet room. Back later,JimNo
Rough weather? Not good. I warned Jim, as a survivor of the Vestris sinking was told, "Watch out, the Vestris will meet the Principessa Mafalda."
Managed, somehow to get on to the site!

No....I'm not green aroiund the gills and the weather moderated quite a bit before 11AM.

So far, no major glitches and an awful lot of fun. Am heading to a party in the Princess Grill Bar in like two minutes, but wanted to send my best and quell those seasick rumors. Have been having a great time with Kyle and the other trivia players, and (sorry Mike....
....) this has been the most congenial group of passengers I've ever come across.

...and I depart....
Ha. Ha... I understand. I cut and pasted this to Ina, Angela, John, Bill, Linda, Elizabeth and Lynne. I'll let them decide.
Here's some more news received:
Moderately high seas again this morning, after one of those nights where everything on the nightstand keeps falling off and you stupidly, while half asleeep keep picking it up and putting it back rather than letting it lay.
Last night our grumpy waiter increased the express service in our section of the room to the extent that after dessert and coffee (over which we are NOT encouraged to linger) we were so far ahead of the curve that I was able to go over to Kyle's table and not monly have a second dessert and coffee but linger an additional half hour. My table is VERY congenial, but we have the angel of death hovering over us in the form of our nameless, charmless, server who keeps things moving at military pace.
So, I was invited, for the rest of the voyage, to crash dessert at the Johnstone table.
Meeting today at noon for a round of hyper-competitive shuffleboard. Speaking of hyper competition:
I was warned that there is a weird subculture of nasty old ladies who hang out in the laundrette and who are a possessive and strange proved to be all too true.
10 AM today the last voyage souvenirs go onsale, and there were desperate souls camping out at 8 to be sure that they were not denied their souvenir bookmarks and key chains.

Announcement from Captain yesterday revolving around passengers stealing things vital to the ship as souvenirs. Lifeboat station signs. Ship's clocks. We are watching a theft in progress. In the isolated, seldom used, C Staircase elevator, someone has removed one screw each night from the panel which surrounds the buttons. One left to go. Hard to explain the geography, but the elevator is out of the general flow of things, and the thief WILL be able to get from the lift to his cabin carrying a 2.5 foot silver panel unobserved. Tonight should be the night.

Interesting! Makes me wonder what things will be like on the ship's next three voyages.
>>Interesting! Makes me wonder what things will be like on the ship's next three voyages.<<

Worse I would expect. Souvenier hunters are the bane of any ship, especially one as widely celebrated as the QE2 which is about to retire. I have to wonder just how much hardware will be leaving the ship in people's baggage.

This can be a major problem for museum ships and floating hotels as well. Brass fittings especially fetch a nice price these days.
Thank you for the updates, Jim! I am shocked
by the reports of thefts, and thefts in progress... Glad they aren't rationing rolls this time
Ah well, it has been great so far. Have you EVER heard me say that about a vacation before? Ever?

We won trivia again today. 32 vouchers now in my possession.

Our waiter surpassed himself tonight. I am keeping a detailed diary and will post the entire thing on line as soon as I get home.

VERY rough today, but brilliantly sunny. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen at sea: QE2 was rolling. A mile off our port side teh QM2 wqs MASSIVELY pitching. I(f youy sat on the far starboard side of teh Crystal Room you could look across teh ship and see the QM2 outise the window going bow into the swells and then rising up and thrwing water off, all under a brilliant blue sky. Days like this make all the attendant crap which creeps into voyages worthwhile.

I had 16 mixed drinks todayu so aprdon my spelling.

I had 16 mixed drinks todayu so aprdon my spelling.
Sure sounds like somebody is having a good time. 16 mixed Drinks would have me under the table or in sick bay comatose so you keep going the distance Jim. Just don't burst any blood vessels.
>>I had 16 mixed drinks todayu so aprdon my spelling.<<

That explains it then. Seriously, I'm glad to hear you're having a good time. I kind of wish I was there. I still have my sea legs after all these years and if they still run a buffet, I know I wouldn't have much competition for it.
A quick note from Jim at sea: Hi, Mike: Nearly one o clock. Sunny, blue sky, and about an hour from Old Head of Kinsale. About to go to lunch, and willl be in port by tomorrow morning. Sound
Well, according to the QE2's Bridge Cam, the ship's prow is still above water, so hopefully (gawd willing) the QE2 has avoided the same fate off the Old Head of Kinsale as a certain other ship we all know.

Jim and Kyle should hold tightly onto their respective luncheon spoons - just in case.....
If I've been seeing the images on the QE2's Bridge Cam correctly for the last little while, it appears that the QM2 has overtaken the QE2, and the QM2 is currently in the lead.

Joe Russo

Announcement from Captain yesterday revolving around passengers stealing things vital to the ship as souvenirs. Lifeboat station signs. Ship's clocks.

Well, if the rumors are true about ripping out her funnel and replacing it with a glass structure etc., I think the real atrocities will be committed after she arrives in Dubai.
A message to all of the remaining passengers, STEAL BABY STEAL!!!!
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