Emergency Escape

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Derek Kaye

Jul 7, 2007
We are all aware that so called "Emergency Doors" were placed for access between 1st, 2nd and 3rd class and on to the boats for when the watertight doors between bulkheads were closed.

However, I am looking at the E Deck plans, and cabins E69-E75 appear to have no escape (Stb. side, next to the reciprocating engines). In fact, the only way out that I can see is into the engine room then presumably along catwalks and ladders.

This can surely not be correct? These cabins are alternate 1st/2nd class!

Am I missing something? (Using Bruce Beveridge's plans at http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/titanic/explorer/explorer.html)


Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
You're thinking along the right lines, Derek. In the report of the British Inquiry we find details of the escape routes to the boat deck, including:

Of the second class passengers on E deck, those abreast of the reciprocating engine casing, unless the watertight door immediately abaft them was closed, went aft and joined the other second class passengers. If, however, the watertight door at the end of their compartment was closed, they passed through an emergency door into the engine room, and directly up to the Boat deck, by the ladders and gratings in the engine room casing.

Despite what the feature films would have us believe, there were regulations encased within the Shipping Act which demanded that steerage/3rd Class passengers could not be trapped below. But for the Cabin Class passengers the shipping lines were given a free hand to make whatever arrangements they saw fit. Including, in this case, a guided tour of the engine room!
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