Emily Alice Goldsmith

My grandmother Emily and my dad Frankie Goldsmith lived in Strood, (Not Stroud) Kent, a suburb of Rochester. Bertie's name was Albert. They were rescued in Collapsible Lifeboat D which was lowered from the port side of Titanic. Having heard both of them tell the story, I have no doubt that they knew they were on the port side. Frank J. Goldsmith, Jr.
The story of the Titanic has captivated me ever since I wrote a research paper on it in high school which was shortly after the wreckage was discovered. This past weekend I was able to tour the Titanic museum in Branson Missouri.  Upon entering my "boarding pass" was issued to Emily Alice Goldsmith.  It gave a brief history of her, her husband and her son.  I also found a wonderful display inside containing a story of gentleman giving her his wedding band to forward on to his wife.  It was really intersting to learn about someone not from first class or famous.  I thought it a wonderful way to memorialize those passengers whose stories we would never likely hear about.  I can imagine hearing the stories from them first hand is a treasure to you. Jennifer Williams, Joplin Missouri
The museum in Branson is wonderful, I have been there a few times. They have most of the items my Grandfather Frank J. W. Goldsmith owned. I was fortunate to see them at his house several times.