Sep 10, 2012
Greetings, everyone.

I apologize if there are any rules against only posting questions on this discussion forum rather than take part in other existing ones, but, as it seems to have been a habit of mine, I seem to be more inclined toward asking questions than anything else, probably because of me being a novice to the site and therefore quite ignorant on many aspects about the Titanic.

Well, as of late, I have been reading a bit about the Titanic's stewardesses, and on which lifeboats the ones that survived are said to have escaped. For whatever reason, most of them appear to have escaped in Lifeboat #11, with most of the remaining ones having escaped in Lifeboat #16. One of the exceptions to that rule was Mrs. Emma Bliss, who, in the article Encyclopedia Titanica has about her, is said to have escaped in Lifeboat #15.

But when I read one of the newspaper articles contained in the same article, I read that, 27 years after the sinking, she had a gathering with John Collins, Elizabeth Anne Mellinger, and Madeleine Violet Mellinger, and the title of said newspaper article states all four of them were in the same lifeboat at some point during the night.

However, that sounds a bit problematic, as the articles on both Elizabeth and Madeleine Mellinger said they left the Titanic in Lifeboat #14 - but were later transferred to Lifeboat #12 - and the article on John Collins said that he ended up on Collapsible B, whose occupants were later taken off in Lifeboat #4 and Lifeboat #12.

From what I understand, Lifeboat #14, Lifeboat #12, and Lifeboat #4 were, alongside Lifeboat #10 and Collapsible D, part of a flotilla that stayed together at least until Fifth Officer Lowe went back to search for survivors. On the other hand, Lifeboat #15, from what I understand, was alone for the whole night until it arrived at the Carpathia, and the closest contact it had with any of the other lifeboats was when it almost squashed Lifeboat #13 and those aboard.

Therefore, for Emma Bliss to have had contact with any of those three survivors while she was on a lifeboat, she would have had, from my understanding, to have either left the Titanic in Lifeboat #12 itself, or in either Lifeboats #14, #10, #4, or even in Collapsible D - and in whatever case, she would have had to end up in Lifeboat #12, if the articles on Elizabeth and Madeleine Mellinger are correct.

But if that is so, why is it said on that article that Mrs. Bliss left the Titanic aboard Lifeboat #15? Could anyone please tell me a primary source for that particular bit of information? I do not wish to denigrate the article's authors or the work they went through in writing it, but from the correlation of all the facts stated above (which I would say are true) it seems that they either used a wrong source or made an wrong guess. Or then, that the other three survivors Mrs. Bliss is said to have met so many years after the sinking were actually on Lifeboat #15 with her, which would imply that they were wrong about the lifeboat in which they escaped, or that they outright lied for whatever reason they had.

Well, to anyone who had the patience to follow such a lengthy line of reasoning about a topic as trivial as this one, my sincerest thanks. And to anyone who can answer my question, my sincerest thanks as well.

Best regards to all of you.

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