Empress of Britain photos

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From the Photo Dealers Associated photo contest "rejects" collection. The Empress of Britain, July 27 1932, as photographed by Mrs. E. Fox, of 611 Montague Street, Eccleshall Sheffield. Title: The Lady in White. Second of several from the collection.
The photos I've posted on this and the other threads must have been from
the "considered but not chosen" lot. They were all carefully mounted in an album, along with many (in fact, mostly) non-nautical travel themed photos.
My grandfather, Captain Ronald Niel Stuart VC, became Commander of the Empress of Britain in 1934. This is a picture from a family scrap book. I have other pictures if anyone is interested.


Liz Stuart

Jason D. Tiller

Hi Liz,

Those are terrific photos!

I'd also be interested in seeing more. Thank you for sharing your collection with us.

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Gavin Murphy

Hi Liz,

Are you familiar with the Canadian booked simply entitled Empress of Britain by Gordon Turner? I reviewed it for a Cdn. history magazine about 15 years ago.........lots of good pics, etc.

Also there is Robert Seamer's book entitled (I think) Burning Inferno about its tragic loss. This book was published in UK about 15 years ago too.

I hope this helps!


there is a lovely paperback book here by Clive Harvey that is just loaded with good illustrations and information on this vessel "Empress of Britain - and in a very well presented volume too. I was sent an early copy when Tempus was just changing formats to the nicer look they have now with better quality illustrations and matte covers. This is a very handsome book with a great cover design as well - made a good impression.

Eric Longo
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