Empress of Ireland inquiry

Hello, If anyone here needs the transcript of the Inquiry upon the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, I have it. So don't be shy to ask! It will be published soon (around september) in the "Titanic inquiry project".

I frequently visit the Titanic Inquiry Project, but I haven´t been able to find the inquiry into the Empress. Where would I look to find it?

As I said, it will be available soon. The guy is reviewing it to be sure there's no mistakes, but it will be there soon. But if you want it now, I could send it to you by email : [email protected] Just send me an email to be in touch and I'll send it to you by replying.
Hope it will help!
Thanks for the offer Lili, but I felt like waiting until it was available on the site. I see it has now been published on the Titanic Inquiry Project. It's nice to have it now, but it unfortunately appears to be causing problems on the site. I hope it gets fixed soon!
Hello, I'm in touch regularly with the guy who manage the web site and it's just the "beta" version for now. Yes it'll be fixed soon. Don't worry! ;).