Empress of Ireland Postcard

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I was at a local antique shop thumbing through a big box of old postcards when I came accross a Empress of Ireland postcard.At the moment I didn't remember her story.I figured for $1 it was a fun find. I got home and looked the Empress up and read her story.I was looking at the card when I noticed there wasn't a postal stamp or a cancellation instead it says "passed by sensors Feb 1918".I find this funny considering it sank in 1914 and that the card was mailed here in Texas.I have been collecting postcards for years and have over 1,000 cards and have never seen one stamped like this.....anyone else ever seen one????

Jason D. Tiller

I've been collecting postcards for several years now and have never seen a postcard stamped such as that.

It's an interesting find.
Hi Chas, Hi Jason,

the only ones I have seen are connected to war - the censor stamp is usually red. There is some info on Google. More I do not know.

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