End of an era on the Clyde ferry scene

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Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
From The Shipping Times:

It will be all change on a long established ferry route on the Clyde as of tomorrow 2nd April when the brand new mv SEABUS takes over from the venerable KENILWORTH on the Gourock-Kilcreggan-Helensburgh service.

A sad day perhaps for fans of the 71 year old veteran who has faithfully and at times impressively battled her way across the Firth of Clyde clocking up the equivalent of 30 times around the world's equator and carrying 2.1 million passengers.

Formerly the Southampton-Hythe ferry HOTSPUR II, the old lady was built in 1936 by Rowhedge Ironworks Company, Colchester.
Story at http://www.shippingtimes.co.uk/item360_clydeferry.htm
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