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Alessandro Del Gobbo

do you know the colours of the floors and walls of engine and boiler rooms?
Are there any pictures of these interiors?
Where were situated the "emergency ladders" of the boiler rooms?

Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I'm not aware of any photos extant of the boiler or engine rooms on the Titanic, but I recall a photo of the engines being assembled in the Britannic which appears on page 118 of McCaughan's "The Birth Of The Titanic"

The ladders going up out of the boiler rooms were, to my knowladge, located on the port side.

I can't speak to what color the boiler rooms and engine rooms were painted. Perhaps Cal Haines can help out with that and the location of any escape trunks I may have overlooked.

Michael H. Standart

Cal Haines

Nov 20, 2000
Tucson, AZ USA
Hi Ale,

As Mark said, there really aren't any good photos of the engine and boiler rooms. There are several photos of turbine engines being fitted and the one photo of Britannic's engine being assembled (H1996).

The only photo that I know of that was even taken in a boiler room is the photo of the closed watertight door (H1487) that is frequently used as an illustration (for example, Titanic--An Illustrated History, page 89). The bulkhead appears to have been painted in that photo. The upper portion is a medium gray, the portion below the stoking deck plates is darker (possibly a red primer) and the door itself appears to be white. I suspect that there were standard colors that were used for the crew spaces. You might want to try posting your question on the TRMA message board: Titanic Research and Modeling Association--they will be able to help you with the paint colors if anyone will.

The escape ladders in the boiler rooms were a pretty complicated affair. There were two ladders from each stokehold leading to catwalks above the fronts of the boilers. They connected to a series of ladders and catwalks that led to ladders that ran up the boiler casings, fore and aft of the uptakes--each boiler room had its own ladder. The ladders came up to doors leading to the working passage on E-deck known as Scotland Road, and extended to the boat deck as well.

Here are two views of the aft boiler rooms that show the layout of the ladders:
Section Through Boiler Room, Looking Aft
Elevation of Boiler Rooms #1 & #2

All Things Titanic -- Main Page

The lateral coal bunkers in the forward two boiler rooms were much larger than those shown. I don't know how that effected the layout of the escape ladders.

Here's another source for drawings of the boiler rooms:
Boiler Rooms--From Engineering, 1910
<FONT COLOR="ff0000">NOTE: You will not be able to view the drawings with your browser, due to their size. Make sure you follow the instructions to download the files to your hard drive. I use Microsoft Photo Editor to view them.

The White Star Liners "OLYMPIC" and "TITANIC" (Main Page)



Alessandro Del Gobbo

Thanks for informations!

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