Engine crankcase dwg & accessories and steering engine?

i want to make a 3 D model for the engine and need some good drawings showing the crankcase including how the stephenson linkage are installed on the engine ?

did not relly find good dwg for this and need some with more informations!
anyone has some good 2D or even 3D images showing this so i can make my model ?

and are there any dwg showing the other equipments in the engine room
like the different pumps condensor ect..

also i began working on the steering engine but again not much dwg details for this
any dwg would help me complete this engine
dwg showing the accessories around the steering engine would also be welcome here

happy blendering

thanks for any help


I think I might be able to help some what. Below are some of the plan`s for the engines and steering linkage that I currently have avaliable. I have a higher resolution of the steering but havent tracked down what flash drive my backups are on.

This is a profile plan that shows the side view of the main recprocating engines. Hopefully this shows something you havent seen before.

This is the best steering linkage blueprint I have currently, once I find my back up flash drive I will swap it out for a cleaned up verson where I converted it to black lines on white back ground.
Steering Gear.jpg

This is not a plan of the Olympic class recprocating engines, but this is a blueprint of a triple expansion recprocating engine from 1911. This should give you an idea some what on the linkage design. While the look might vary the basic fundamental operation of the systems should not change.

If you want I have some photos of some deck plans of the recprocating and turbine engine room general arrangement, let me know and I will upload them if they are needed.


Steering Gear.jpg