Engine Room Numbers

Jul 20, 2000
In a post to The Titanic Mailing List; in connection with the 24 April 1912 firemen's strike on the Olympic; Mark Baber advised:
There are three watches in the Olympic. Each watch consists of fifty-five firemen, 24 trimmers, 8 greasers, and 5 leading firemen, so that altogether 276 men deserted their posts. .....

Accepting those numbers would give Olympic 165 firmen; 72 trimmers, 24 greasers and 15 leading firemen.

According to her Signing-on Sheets Titanic was to have had 162 firemen; 72 trimmers; 33 greasers and 13 leading firemen. After allowing for a number of Discharged and Failed to Join Crew and their Substitues; Titanic left Southampton with 162 firemen; 73 trimmers; 33 greasers and 13 leading firemen = 281.

This indicates that Titanic was to have 1 less fireman and 1 less leading fireman per shift; but 3 extra greasers. Does anyone know why the different numbers between Olympic and Titanic.


João Carlos Pereira Martins

I don't know if this is the proper thread to make this question, but how many crew worked in the engines and turbine rooms? I know there was one senior and one junior engineer in every boiler room, but what about the engines room? Chief Bell was there for certain but when I read the list of workers I only found trimmers and firemen, who worked in the boiler rooms. The others didn't have a designation? Sorry if somebody have already made this question but I'm just curious.

Cheers, João

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