Engineer Shepherd

Aug 6, 2001
Hello. I learned that the engineer Shepherd was in Boiler Room no. 5 when he broke a leg. Could anyone tell me if he was abandoned there? Did he died?

Martin Pyke

There's a biography of Jonathan Shepherd in TE. Type in his name in the search box.

Chris Dohany

Jan 8, 2001
George Behe has mentioned this tidbit in the past, I believe. I think leading fireman Threlfall indicated that Shepherd was removed from the boiler room entirely, rather than being placed in the adjacent pump room.
Aug 15, 2005
Darwen, United Kingdom
I was just doing a little research into Titanic people from my main characters locality and found a rather well known chap (at least in the Titanic community) from my own!

I know his biography is on ET, but I'm interested in finding out more about this fellow.
Can anyone tell me a good place to start looking?

PS~ Moderators: I am aware that there is already a thread on this individual, but it is lacking the information I require and is locked.

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Rae Kenny-Rife

Does anyone know who Jonathon Shepherd's family were? I am interested in parents and siblings, trying to see if he was a possible cousin. My grandfather was 5 when Titanic sank and remembers a cousin who was on board, my aunt thought the cousin survived and worked as an engineer, but the details could have been forgotten over time. Thanks...

Tony Sheils

Jan 6, 2001
Rae, some additional details are given in Craig Stringer's CD "Titanic People". Jonathon's parents were James B and Johanna Shepherd. He had 3 sisters: Frances, Margaret H and Ruth Dixon Shepherd. He broke a leg on the night of the disaster and died when Titanic sank. I suspect Brian Ticehurst may be in a position to provide some further details. Tony
Apr 5, 2005
Hello Ryan and Rae, have just read your thread. My mother is Jonathan's niece, we are the family of his brother Joseph. Maybe I can help with any further family details. Brian T has been a huge help over the years too.
Nov 3, 2007
could anyone tell me if Jonathan Shepherd who died in boiler number5 was welsh?
My name is also Jonathan Shepherd and wish to find out if we are related
thanks for any help

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Jonathan, and welcome to the forum. Your namesake was an Englishman, born in Whitehaven, Cumberland and raised in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Mark Baber

Dec 29, 2000
Jonathan, your question was answered when you asked it three weeks ago; look at the message just above yours.

P.S. The message you posted today asking the same question in a thread relating to a different person, has been removed.
Nov 30, 2000
According to Frederick Barrets BOT testimony, this happened to Engineer Jonathan Shepherd:

2022. Did you stay below?
- Yes.

2023. With Mr. Harvey?
- Yes.

2024. Then what was the next order?
- He asked me to lift the manhole plate off.

2025. Where was the manhole plate?
- On the starboard side of No. 5 section.

2026. When the plate was in position what was it - closed?
- It is something you lift up to get at the valves. I do not know what valves it is. It is just like a hole in this table. You lift it off to get to the valves to turn on the pumps or something.

2027. Is it in the floor?
- Yes.

2028. And did you do that for him?
- Yes.

2029. That would leave a hole in the floor?
- Yes.

2030. And what happened then?
- Mr. Shepherd was walking across in a hurry to do something and then fell down the hole and broke his leg.

2031. He did not notice the manhole plate had been lifted?
- No.

2032. He broke his leg?
- Yes.

2033. What did you do with him?
- We lifted him up and carried him into the pump room, me and Mr. Harvey.

2034. Is that the pump room in No. 5?
- Yes.

2035. At this time, in this No. 5, was it easy to see?
- No, all the water which had been thrown on the furnaces when they were pulled out was making the stokehold thick with steam.

2036. And then you attended to Mr. Shepherd as best you could. Did you stay there after that?
- Just about a quarter of an hour after that.

Barret, however, does not mention what they did next with Shepherd.
However, I heard on another forum awhile back that Shepherd was carried aft before Number 5 flooded.
Does anynoe here have any additional information on this, or know where I can find it?

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