Engineering officers' uniform

Aly Jones

Well in the 97 movie yes they did have deck officers unifroms on. I'm presuming that jc got that right. They were the important men of the engine crew.
A pic of the engineers in the link. He's sitting in the center. Joseph Bell
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Thomas Krom

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

I have a picture here from the engineers from the Olympic in 1911.


The full dress uniform seen on the picture here was only obligatory for the chief end senior engineers, but it seems as though all had purchased this prestigious uniform on the picture. The white trousers were officially not foreseen with full dress. Of the 27 men on the picture 14 were transferred to the Titanic. These are the following men who are numbered on the picture.

1 Junior fifth engineer William Dickson Mackie

2 Senior fifth engineer Frank Alfred Parsons

3 Chief electrician Peter Porter Sloan

4 Assistant electrician Boykett Herbert Jupe

5 Junior assistant third engineer Francis Ernest George Coy

6 Senior assistant second engineer Bertie Wilson

7 Senior fourth engineer Leonard Hodgkinson

8 Junior fourth engineer Arthur Ward

9 Junior assistant second engineer Jonathan Sheppard

10 Junior assistant second engineer Herbert Gifford Harvey

11Senior assistant fourth engineer Henry Ryland Dyer

12 Extra fifth engineer Robert Millar

13 Second engineer john Henry Hesketh

14 Senior third engineer George Fox Hosking

The descriptions of the uniform are the following

Chief engineer

All uniform items identical to the uniform of the captain, but with no gold circle rank insignia. Cap with leather peak, without embroidery.

Second engineer

All uniform items identical to chief engineer except three rows gold lace.

Third engineer

All uniform items identical to chief engineer except two rows gold lace.

Fourth engineer and all assistant engineers

All uniform items identical to chief engineer except one row gold lace.

Fifth and Sixth engineer, boilermaker

All uniform items identical to chief engineer except cuffs without gold lace.


All uniforms items identical to the uniform of the fifth and sixth engineer. Title worked in gilt wire on both sides of the collar on full dress coat and undress.

Keep in mind this descriptions are only for the full-dress it is believed that they would be dressed in dungarees and denim shirts most of the time.

I hope this clarifies the question somewhat.

Yours sincerely,

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Just remember that what's shown in movies Is proof of nothing except the movie maker's cinematic judgment.
100% of the engineering officers wore their own uniforms because the chief engineers had assistants who had to differ in form, and the officers also had to wear their own personal uniforms.