Equipment in Marconi room "exploding" during sinking?

Jul 8, 2018
Hello, is there any possibility that the high-voltage switchgear in the Silent Room exploded when it was flooded out by sea water during the sinking? i already understand that sparks were seen near the Arial lead-in during the sinking, but is there any possibility of things like batteries and condensers exploding, if so, this could explain the damage to the room in the wreck, combined with over one hundred years of being at the bottom of the Atlantic
Dec 4, 2000
I have been told by people who peeked into the Marconi room that the master power switch was turned off just as Bride said. The switch was found in the "disconnect" position. Since then, court rulings intended to preserve the ship have allowed the roof of the radio shack to disintegrate and all possible forensic research is now impossible -- thanks judge. But, if what my friends who saw the equipment before it was legally destroyed spoke the truth, there was no power to the equipment when the water reached that point.

-- David G. Brown