Ernest Gill


Apr 6, 2012
I am sure it was in the newspaper article. The line about "why the devil didn't they wake up the wireless man?" is something Gill heard from his compatriots in the engine room. If you believe him that is!


There are a few points that should have been asked if he had given evidence but he chose the one way by which he could say what he liked, within reason, and not be pulled up on it. namely and Afidavit or legal statement.
1. He claims to have come on deck at five minutes before midnight and seen a large steamer.... a) was he already on watch in which case he is absent from watch or was he due on watch in which case he should be on his way below. 2) Lookouts were required to spen about 15 - 20 minutes in a darkened area before going on watch so that they enchieved night vision - but not Gill apparently. he seems to be special in that he has immediate clear night vision. 3) He seems to have amazing knowledge of signals at sea - or is it what we used to call the 'Barrack Room Lawyer'.
It causes me to wonder what gripe he had against Captain Lord. had he been discilined or something. I can think of no other reason for him giving evidence in this manner, other than the payment he is believed to have recieved from the press.
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Caroline Mendes Ferreira

Ernest Gill saw lights of a ship

Ernest Gill on the night of the disaster saw lights to the starboard side of a ship and was in a long distance he said it was a big ship 10 km. Later he saw a white rocket is 10 km distance from the starboard side. Even had notified the captain that sent morse connect any further response.
Más sure that the Californian was 20 km from the Titanic. Ernest said nehum captain refuses to help another ship. In my opinion I think that the Californian could really have helped the Titanic because the captain was warned of rockets and lights, and also the Titanic replied the Californian's Morse but no response.

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
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Jake Peterson

Mar 11, 2012
Iowa, USA
Inquring minds want to know: Did John Feeny or Jon Judd ever find anything more on Ernest, and has a death certificate been located yet? Just curious. Love reading old threads :)
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Inquring minds want to know: Did John Feeny or Jon Judd ever find anything more on Ernest, and has a death certificate been located yet?<<

Since neither of these gentlemen are a part of ET anymore, I'm not aware of where their research may have led them. A shame since I'd like to know if anything they dug around for yielded any fruit.

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