Ernest gray record winner 2144any interest

i have been in the record business for 20 years and yesterday picked up this record in perfect shape...i have no idea what to ask for this as usually we deal in mostly jazz and rock/pop items.
i have only seen 2 films on the titanic and thought the last one was an hour too long and too many romantic side tracks to the story...having said that i saw the " a night to remember" film years ago..this seemed to echo a little of the lyrical sentiments on the record. i can see the fascination in this subject from reading the white star line book a few years ago...its getting away from my original enquiry, as i know one of you more knowledgeable chaps or chappesses would have more idea on the collectibility of this item. i am not a great fan of ebay as i prefer to deal direct with someone out there.
i can be contacted at [email protected]
thanks john hughes, oldhitz records,newcastle upon tyne, england.